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8 Ways To Clear Your Skin

We all know the feeling of having some random breakouts at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we came up with 8 ways to clear up your skin. Keep up with these tips and you may start seeing a difference really soon!

1. Switch Your Pillow Cases Often

This is an often overlooked skincare trick however it’s just as important as washing your face. Our pillows can carry a lot of bacteria just from laying our heads on it. It collects a build up of our hair, spit (may be a little tmi but some of us drool in our sleep), and our hair. By not changing your pillow cases often, you instantly expose yourself to a build up of a whole bunch of germs and bacteria which can lead out breakouts. Some dermatologist even say that random breakouts on your cheek can be a a result of dirty pillow cases. With that in mind it would be best to change you cases at least every two weeks. Also sleep cover your pillow cases with breathable fabrics that are gentle on the skin such as cotton covers. So get to doing some laundry and those random breakouts may no longer become such a regular thing.

2. Wash Your Face Morning and Night

You’ll be surprised how many people only wash their face in the morning, and think they are good for the rest of the day. If that person is you, this is the sign to finally add a new step to your skincare routine. Its important to wash your face in the morning to not only wake you up, but to also clean your face. At night we all sweat and build up oils as these things are natural. However, by skipping this quick and easy step in the morning you may be putting your skin at risk to be more prone to breakouts. Once you have found a good facial cleanser that works for you, build up the habit of washing your face every morning. I know some people just use water and claim that its good enough for them. Typically those are people who may just genetically have clear skin or are just lucky that their skin doesn’t require most maintenance. However even if you do happen to fall into that category, dermatologist still recommend that you are washing your face regularly morning and night. Washing your face at night is as important as washing your face in the morning, if not more. As the day progresses your skin is exposed to a lot and naturally builds up oil which is why it is very important to wash your face at night. Besides, you’ll feel so much better when you go to sleep with a freshly clean face. It will also help reduce bacteria build up on your pillows.

3. Face Masks

This is an essential to any skin care routine. Face masks could be used to help a number of different skin problems depending on what kind your getting. You just need to know what exactly your skin needs help with and figuring out what kind of face masks will best suit that problem. For example charcoal face masks have become very popular in recent years. They are used mainly to help reduce and erase pores. However, there are many brands that sell different variations of charcoal masks so its just trying out which one works best for you. I would recommend doing face masks once a week. Face masks really help give your skin an extra push of help in addition to all your other skin regimens. I find that overnight face masks are the most effective.

4. Learning Your Skin

It can get frustrating trying multiple different skin care products and having none of them work for you. This is sometimes a result of not knowing what skin type you may have. Some examples of different skin types are acne prone skin, combination skin, and oily skin. There are a few others but its really important to know the kind of skin you have. This will make it easier to fine products that work specifically for your skin type. To figure out what kind of skin you have you can do some minor research on YouTube and search for people who have similar skin problems as you. There you will be able to know what kind of skin type you have while also receiving product recommendations. However if you feel you need a bit more guidance, it would be best to see a dermatologist who could professionally diagnose you and prescribe medication if needed.

5. Wash Your Face Properly

Washing your face regularly is important, however if you don’t know how to wash your face properly, it wont really be effective. The best way to wash your face is to face wet your face then lather the soap into your face for at least 20-30 seconds. Make sure to get every inch of your face (including your neck) and move your hands in circular motions. Lastly, rinse your face with cold water (it opens up your pours) and gently dry your skin with a soft towel. 

6. Drink Plenty of Water

This is probably one of the most played out skincare tips, but it actually is effective. Drinking water is not only good for your water but also helps your skin to appear clear and radiant. The recommended serving size is eight glasses a day. I would recommend making sure one of those glasses are taken in the morning as soon as you wake up, and right before bed. That way your body off with something good and allowing it to work as you are sleeping (as you know that’s when our bodies do all its restoring). This skincare tip is not going to be a change you notice right away, however give it a few weeks and you will notice a different in your skin and how you feel.

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7. Changing Your Diet

Sometimes making little changes to your diet might be exactly what your skin needs to improve. This may not always be the case, but there have been many success stories after people  have cut out things such as meat, dairy and sugar out of their diets. This may be a hard transition however so you dont need to cut these things out immediately. you can gradually reduce your intake and see if you notice any differences in your skin there.

8. Be Patient

this tip is easier said than done, but its still very important. Acne and breakouts are not going to disappear overnight. It may even take some trial and error but remember to be patient. Besides, stressing out is going to cause breakouts.

Try out these 8  ways to clear your skin and let us know what your results are! Any more tips that we missed? Comment them down below.

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Lise Mansaray

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