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8 Ways To Change Your Perspective During A Tough Situation

8 Ways To Change Your Perspective During A Tough Situation

Is life constantly dragging you down? Need any ways to cheer up after having a bad day? Do you know someone who is having a bad day and you need to find ways to cheer them up? Well, do not fret! You came to the right place! Every frown can be turned upside down if you don’t sweat the small stuff.  Because let us be honest with each other here, you really should not be sweating the small stuff. It is so not worth it. 

Anyway, here are 8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation. 

1.  Talk about it with a friend (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #1)

It is always good to listen to a second (or more) pair of eyes when you are dealing with a tough situation. They might give you a perspective that you have never thought of before, and you might be able to come to an understanding between the two (or more) of you. It is possible that you may be caught up within the thoughts in your mind that may cause you to act out unintentionally. We want to cope and move on with our lives, not drown in our feelings within the past. We can heal eventually – all we need is some time. 



2. Draw and/or paint (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #2)

Have you heard of the old saying “A picture speaks a thousand words?” That is what drawing and painting is for. Draw whatever is going on in that mind of yours. Paint whatever is speaking to your mind at this moment.  Write an inspirational quote that really, truly speaks to the inside of your soul.  Getting lost in the creative direction of your painting, drawing, etc. will definitely help you get your mind off of things. It is also a great way to showcase what you have been working on over time – and you will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment within yourself. 



3. Spend time with your family (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #3)

Your family will always have your back when others don’t. Plus, they are the best people to make wonderful memories with. When you need advice on how to handle a tough situation or just need to hear a funny story from them in order to change your perspective and to brighten up your day, they are always there for you no matter what. Laughing and contributing to the conversation with your family will definitely get your mind off of the day’s stresses. And trust me, you might learn a thing or two from your own family. 


4. Cuddle with a pet (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #4)

If there’s anything that I have learned within the past 20 years of living on this Earth, it’s this: pets (dogs, cats, fishes, etc.) are always a college student’s best friend (along with your family, of course). They are the calming force to this chaotic world – even I agree with that statement. Even when you get yourself busy with something like reading, writing in your journal, and so on and so forth, they are always the best group of family members to spend time with – besides your family, of course. You will start to feel a lot calmer once you spend a lot of good, quality time with that furry friend of yours. 



5. Read a book or a magazine (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #5)

It always feels so good getting lost in the material while reading a classic masterpiece of a book or the newest issue of your favorite magazine. Whether you want to admit it to yourself or others or not,  reading might be fun sometimes. You might be surprised at some parts. You might be shocked at some parts. You may be laughing hysterically at some parts. You might be feeling angry at some parts. Hell, you might be crying loudly at some parts. Reading a book or a magazine allows us to clear our minds from our own mental and physical stressed. All you need to do is to focus on the material and everything will soon be as good as new! 

Donald reading

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6. Listen to Music (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #6)

It has been said music speaks a thousand words to the soul. Songs express how we feel about something inside of ourselves as well as what we want to do in order to make a change as to what is happening in the world.  Artists will even go as far as to pour out their life stories and to express their personal feelings through music, which allows us to feel some sort of empathy for them. Yes, we might learn a thing or two from the hottest singers of today – but does that mean that we should base all of our life decisions based on what they have been through? Well, here is the answer to that question: The answer is no. They were in totally different circumstances back then. We are caught in totally different circumstances now. That’s a big difference. Find yourself get lost in the rhythm and the mood of the music, and I promise you that you will be having the biggest smile on your face that your cheeks will hurt. 



7. Go Exercise (8 ways to change your perspective during a tough situation #7)

First, I’ll admit this: I don’t have the motivation to go exercise as much as I used to. But boy, do I wish that I still had that type of motivation to go exercise! This provides a wonderful opportunity to set a few goals, stick to those goals (even though it may be hard to do so!) and to be motivated in order to make a good change in yourself. Go on the treadmill, go on a walk with your pup, go on a run with your family… the possibilities are endless! Not only will you make a good change in yourself and feel some satisfaction while doing so, but you will also forget the stresses of your day that just happened. 


8. Watch a good TV Show/Movie

It has once been said that humor is the way to cheer someone up when they’re feeling down. And it’s absolutely true! Get lost in the story line and the character’s antics. Plus, you will find yourself getting touched by many inspirational and memorable quotes that have been put forth in the film. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a snack and relax!


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What are some ways that you use to change your perspective during a tough situation? Which one of these 8 ways have you tried changing your perspective during a tough situation? Share some advice in the comments below!

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