10 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day That Aren’t So Sad

While everyone is posting on social media about their Valentine’s Day gifts and dinners, you might feel left out. But you are not the only one. Millions of people are single and probably celebrating singles awareness day as well. Instead of bemoaning the fact that you are single, go out there and have some fun!

1. Call up your friends

Do not mope around all day and be emo. Call your friends up and hang out with them. Get out of the house, catch a movie, or grab a quick bite to eat. But please do not attempt to throw a pity party. That will only make things worse. Instead, simply just have fun and enjoy yourself!

10 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day That Aren’t So Sad

2. Spa Day

Everyone loves to get pampered. If you have happen to have nothing to do on singles awareness day, book a day at the spa where you can get your nails done, your hair fixed, or even get a nice massage. You will leave feeling refresh and glamorous.

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3. Indulge yourself in a hobby

Do you have a particular hobby, from painting to photography?  Spend the day indulging yourself in that special hobby. You will feel much better about yourself in the end, and who knows? With your creative juices flowing, you might end the day with a brand new piece of artwork or with a fascinating photograph.

10 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day That Aren’t So Sad

5. Watch a romance-free movie

If there is a movie playing at the cinema you would like to see, treat yourself with a ticket. Fun fact: There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a movie by yourself. The social stigma must end. Nobody talks at the theater and nobody really cares if you are seeing a movie alone so do not feel self-conscious. If you happen to want to watch a romantic movie, try to watch it with a humorous perspective and laugh about how truly sappy they truly are.

6. Learn a new skill

If you have nothing to do on singles awareness day, take advantage of Youtube and the wonders of the internet and try to pick up a new skill. Whether it is how to do a fishtail braid or how to play the guitar, these are all great ways to invest your time wisely.

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7. Immerse yourself in a book

Everyone has a favorite book. You can either reread your favorite book, or venture off to your local bookstore and treat yourself with a brand new book and a nice, warm cup of coffee.

10 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day That Aren’t So Sad

8. Go to the gym

The gym is a great way to relieve any stress, and distract yourself from any pains or woes in your life.  With the exercise high or in other words, endorphins, you will feel much happier. And if you happen to be newly single, this is a great way to start working on your revenge body!

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9. Enjoy your favorite meal

Remind yourself that you do not have to argue with a partner over what restaurant to go to. Enjoy the freedom of cooking any meal you want, or visiting any particular restaurant you just adore.

10 Ways To Celebrate Singles Awareness Day That Aren’t So Sad

10. Treat it like a normal day

Do not be pathetic and spend the entire day kicking yourself and wiping your tears away with tissues. Instead, treat it like a normal calendar day because that is what it is after all. Go to work and make some money, or if you have the day off, do what you normally do. Catch up on some sleep and run some errands. There is nothing sad about being a functional adult.

Are you single and celebrating singles awareness day? Leave a comment below!
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