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10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

Halloween is a holiday that’s all about having fun. Whether the definition of Halloween fun for you is going to a wild costume party or downing an entire bag of candy in one sitting, the options are endless. You have tons of options especially when you’re in college, for you have new freedoms to enjoy away from the strict grip of your parents. So, if you’re wondering how to spend your Halloween this year, check out this list of ways to celebrate Halloween as a college student!

1. Go to a Halloween party

Our first option on this list is probably an obvious one, but it’s definitely a route that a lot of college students take. It can be a lot of fun to dress up with friends, roommates, or significant others and just party the night away, especially if you like the party scene. You and your friends could plan a group costume so you’re all matching when you pull up to the party, or just all dress uniquely and be creative with your costume! A great thing about college parties, especially on Halloween night, is that there are most likely dozens of parties happening simultaneously, so you can hop from place to place and just enjoy your night!

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

2. Go to a haunted attraction

If you’re the type of person that loves getting spooked on Halloween, consider going to a haunted attraction with friends! A lot of towns set up haunted houses or haunted hayrides, where people will pop out and scare you as you walk through the attraction. This can be super hilarious to do with a big group of friends because everyone will be freaking out and getting scared at the same time! This is a perfect option for Halloween night because everyone will already feel the spooky vibes in the air, so it’ll be ten times scarier and more fun!

3. Go to a college bar

Being over 21 comes with some perks, and this includes being able to celebrate Halloween in a college bar. A lot of bars in college towns will have a Halloween theme happening on the night of Halloween, making it ten times more fun to go out and celebrate. You can dress up and get festive with your friends and just party the night away. The bar might even have fun games or costume contests happening, so I highly recommend checking this option out!

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

4. Go on a spooky adventure

Some of you might not like the idea of messing with the supernatural, but it’s always an option on Halloween. This is a super fun idea especially if you like adventuring and exploring new places and getting slightly creeped out. Maybe check out that old abandoned building that you always pass by on your way to school, or explore an area of town that you’ve never been before. I wouldn’t recommend doing anything remotely dangerous especially at night, but there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a few friends to just explore what our world has to offer!

5. Have a movie night with friends

Sometimes, the idea of a night out is just too much, and all you want to do is curl up in bed with something good to watch. Halloween is the perfect time for a movie night with friends, especially if going to parties and dressing up isn’t really your thing. Whether you decide on watching a scary movie, a rom-com, or a drama, your Halloween movie night will be just what you need. Grab some snacks and some friends and just enjoy your night!

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

6. Carve a pumpkin

Since the only time of year that it’s acceptable to carve faces into fruits is Halloween, why not take advantage of this and carve up a pumpkin! You can go to a local market or pumpkin patch to pick one out, then get your tools ready for carving! You could do a classic jack-o-lantern face, or go with something more unique to you. When you’re done, show off your pumpkin by placing it right outside your door for all the trick or treaters to see! Carving pumpkins is a great Halloween activity to do with college friends and you could even turn it into a competition!

7. Bake some sweet treats with friends

Halloween time has some of the best themes, whether it be ghosts, witches, zombies, or any other spooky creature. So, grab some friends and make some Halloween themed sweet treats! The opportunities for this activity are practically endless, so get creative! Decorate some ghost cupcakes, mix up some zombie rice krispie treats, or bake some iced pumpkin cookies. This is a great way to be festive and have a lot of fun at the same time! Plus, when you’re done decorating, you’ll have a whole bunch of yummy treats to enjoy while you watch that scary movie!

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

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8. Have a Halloween potluck

A great way to get all of your friends together in one place on Halloween is by giving them food! A potluck is a classic way to celebrate any big or small occasion, whether it be a birthday or Halloween. The great thing about having a potluck is that since everyone is responsible for bringing some sort of food, so there’s always plenty to go around. A college student potluck might not have the most exquisite cuisine in the world, but it’s still a great chance to get together with friends and just enjoy your time together!

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

9. Go see a scary movie

Any horror movie fanatic knows that Halloween is a special holiday when it comes to horror movies. There are tons of films centered around the spooky day and it’s for good reason. So, grab a friend or several and hop on over to the movie theater! There’s nothing spookier than seeing a scary movie on a scary night, so if you like a thrill, I highly suggest this activity for Halloween! No matter what movie you see, you’ll have a great time with friends that doesn’t include doing anything too extravagant.

10 Ways To Celebrate Halloween As A College Student

10. Do nothing!

Our last way to celebrate Halloween as a college student is a personal favorite. Do nothing! There can be a lot of pressure to always be doing something fun and exciting in college, but honestly, whether you’re doing some crazy or just having a chill evening by yourself, there’s no right or wrong way. If your idea of a good Halloween is staying in and treating yourself to some alone time, then, by all means, do it! Don’t let the pressure of college culture dictate how you spend your time. Take a nap, catch up on some studying, or just do whatever you want! There are no rules when it comes to Halloween in college.

What are your plans for celebrating this upcoming Halloween? Let us know in the comments what your favorite Halloween activity is!

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