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8 Ways To Bring You Back To Your Childhood

8 Ways To Bring You Back To Your Childhood

Growing up can be annoying, hard sometimes. The struggles of having to deal with becoming an adult can be overwhelming. University can be a difficult time in an individual’s life. Even though you have more freedom, there can be more stress. The pressures of having to deal with independently studying, deciding on the future, friends and relationships. Sometimes you just want to go back to being a child. A time where decisions were made for you and there were no worries at all. Here are 8 ways to bring you back to your childhood. You may not be able to transport in time, but trying these ways will make you feel somewhat like a child again. These ways will let you escape reality for a short period. Sometimes you just need that.

1. Old Activities

Doing activities you did when you were a child can allow you to escape the feelings and stresses of growing up. Get a group of friends and do it together! Mini golf, bowling and maybe even ice skating! They are all fun and exciting activities. You will get consumed in succeeding. It will bring out a healthy competitive spirit inside of you.


2. Food

Foods reminding you of your childhood can be enjoyable, delicious and nostalgic. They can transport you to a different time in life, maybe a joyous, happy or carefree time. Childhood foods include fairy bread, party pies, mini sausage rolls, soft-serve ice cream and even with sprinkles on top!


3. Movies and TV Shows

Watching movies and TV shows you used to watch when you were younger is like déjà vu. Anything Disney, Nickelodeon and even animations. They are movies and TV shows where you don’t have to concentrate on storylines. You can sing along, quote the movies and escape reality!

4. Travelling

Seeing the world is a way to bring the imagination and inspiration you had when you were a child. You can dream and have wanderlust! You get to experience new cultures and get that dreamy and exciting feeling. Travelling will not let you escape reality, but be inspired to concur life itself!


5. New Activities

Sometimes learning something new is a great way to mirror childhood. As a child, all you are doing is learning, learning and learning. Maybe choose to learn a new language, take up a new hobby, join an art class! New activities can teach you something different and extend your brain.

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6. Extend Yourself

When you are at school, you are often encouraged to extend yourself. Go beyond what is required of you. Go outside of your comfort zone. If you’re an aspiring writer, try and get some of your pieces published! If you’re an artist, set up your own art gallery!


7. Master Your Goals

When you were a child you would always imagine you could accomplish impossible tasks. When you are growing up, you are often under deadlines and reality sets in. Maybe it is time to master ‘impossible’ goals but as an adult, such as learning to cook, finishing writing that book or master meditation.

8. Concur Your Fears

Fears hold us back from doing a lot of things. A child is carefree and never has any fears. They develop over time. It is time to concur those fears! The feeling of success and satisfaction afterwards is one to look forward to.


Growing up can be a stressful time. Being transported to your childhood ways is a great way to escape reality. Let us know whether you’ve tried any of these tips! Share with us in the comments below!

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