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10 Ways To Boost Your Job Outside Of The Office

10 Ways To Boost Your Job Outside Of The Office

You may think you can only work at work, but there are actually tons of ways to boost your job outside the workspace to give you a step up!

When most people think about boosting their career, they think of gaining experience in a job or office setting. However, there are ways to get ahead when you are not at work. Using your free time wisely can give you ways to boost your job and a one-up for promotions or advancements.

1. Attend networking events regularly

If you live in or near a big city, this is especially easy to do. Be on the lookout for events that focus on networking, whether it is a general event or within your industry. If you cannot get to an event, utilize technology to your advantage. Sites like LinkedIn and apps like Shapr make it easy to connect with those in your field.

2. Go to industry events in your city or region

Industry events are a great way to meet others in your field while having a chance to learn new things. Conferences and conventions allow you to attend sessions that are focused on learning new things. Some of these events offer a chance for attendees to hold their own sessions, which would give you public speaking experience that can help you with many ways to boost your job.


3. Volunteer in ways that help keep your skills up

Volunteering is a great way to maintain your skills and even learn new skills. You may even have the chance to learn new skills, which is always a great boost to your career. It is also a great way to connect with others who may lead to job prospects, either now or later. Many jobs love to see candidates who have volunteer experience.

4. Take classes to learn new things

Taking classes is a great way to build your skill set, which can help boost your career. If you are a journalist, take a coding class so you can do web development for your media outlet and know the backend of your content management system. Do not be afraid to learn something outside of your current position, as this will help you take on new projects.


5. Read about industry news and trends

Staying on top of trends and news within your given industry is one of the most important ways to boost your job. Knowing what is changing can help give you ideas when these changes come to your own company because you will already be prepared for the changes. This also gives you a chance to pitch new ideas as others at your company may not be as up-to-date, helping you stand out.

6. Read books or watch movies about your industry

Reading books or watching movies or TV shows about your industry can give you a chance to see how certain situations can play out. If you encounter a certain situation that also appeared in a fictional work, you can learn what works and what does not, and adjust based on what goes on within your own company.


7. Join a professional organization

Professional organizations are a great way to connect with others in your field. They also look amazing on your resume, as it shows that you are committed to your field. Many of these organizations hold conferences, seminars/webinars, and networking events to help their members grow in their industry.

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8. Find a mentor

While you may think you can navigate your field on your own, it is definitely a lot more helpful to have a mentor to guide you. Look for someone you are compatible with and has had a career path similar to the one you want for yourself. You can ask a supervisor at work or a former professor for mentorship to help you grow in your career.

9. Get published

Having something published, whether it is a blog or an academic paper, is a great thing for your resume. This shows employers that you are knowledgeable in your field and that you also have strong communication skills. Getting published is easier than ever, especially with the uprising of podcasts and blog platforms.


10. Do something not related to your job

This may seem counter-intuitive, but doing something outside of your actual field is one of the best ways to boost your job by learning new things and meeting new people. These things can help you in the long run by allowing you to meet people you may be able to team up with later and learn new perspectives on things that you may end up using at your current position.

What ways to boost your job have you used successfully? Share them in the comments below!