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Ways To Bond With Your College Roommate

Ways To Bond With Your College Roommate


A new semester comes equipped with many new things for college students. Late night cram sessions, Ramen noodle dinners, and more importantly, new roommates. For those of you who bravely picked randoms and even those who are living with a familiar face, the best thing you can do is to start getting to know your college roommate right away. Here are a few ideas to break the ice.

Media marathons

Take advantage of all the TV shows and movies in Hulu or Netflix and use it as an excuse to catch up on Parks and Recreation, The Office, Game of Thrones, Friends or whatever. Movie marathons of old classics like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You will overwhelm you with nostalgia and provide the perfect opportunity to create cheesy inside jokes, especially if you watch a Disney movie.


Workout…or veg out together

Take advantage of what your college gym has to offer and take a class with your roomie, like Zumba or SoulCycle. Or if sweating it out isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to kick back and focus on healthy eating, that can also be a great way to bond. Try to look for recipes that are packed with fruits and vegetables, so you can ‘veg out.’



Nails, masks, and blowouts, oh my!

Have a girls’ night in and give each other makeovers, that won’t break the bank but will give ample time to dish about the day. Giving each other manicures and pedicures, making masks with natural ingredients, and experimenting with different hairstyles is a fun, girly way to bond.

Make a semester bucket list!

This list can come in handy for your lighter days and weekends. A bucket list will ensure that each weekend is filled with local events and places to go with your college roommate. Each of you can contribute with at least five things to the list. Some fun things to consider are zoos, museums, and even lakes or festivals…and why not a couple of bars too?


Make DIY décor

 You can bond with your roommates while you look up ideas to style your place. Go shopping together for simple and inexpensive items that you both agree will look great in the room. Do a photo collage to decorate the walls, buy string lights, or organize some DIY projects you discover on Pinterest.

Do volunteer work or contribute

Ask your college roommate if they want to contribute to a community.  You can pick any organizations that strike your fancy, or even an participate in an event like Relay for Life. Some great organizations to look into are Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House, a local animal shelter or any on-campus related activities.

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Go out and work

Staying in your apartment doing homework is not always the best idea to ignite bonding. Ask your roommates to go on a coffee date. Take along your laptops and keep each other company at any coffee joint. Not only will you get schoolwork done, but you’ll be able to bond with your roomie in a quiet, cozy environment.


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