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Ways To Blow Her Mind Without Blowing Your Wallet

Ways To Blow Her Mind Without Blowing Your Wallet

I get it, you want her highly impressed to where she falls into your arms and you may be thinking that fancy restaurants are the way to get because women like valuable things, but don’t assume it applies to all women. In fact, a lot of us think that a man who chooses to impress with money is one dimensional and insecure. Remember, you’re trying to blow her mind in a way that screams “You won’t find another like me” and throwing your money at her places you in a circle with every other guy, but you don’t want that. Step outside that circle and blow her mind with these simple things. The little things matter.

1. Cooking

Be honest with yourself, you take her out to a nice restaurant and you tell her “get whatever you want” but you know your wallet is saying the exact opposite, so why do it? Don’t be a Dan Humphrey on his first date with Serena Van Der Woodsen. Now, if you do have money, it may be different but there’s nothing sexy or mind-blowing about a restaurant date unless you own it or can name every ingredient in the food you order. Skip the reservation and take it to your kitchen. Blow her mind by showing off your cooking skills and if you don’t have any she will be touched because you obviously cared to go out of your way to impress.

Now, you can cook it for her but it’s sexier for the two of you to get things cooking in the kitchen, literally and figuratively. While cooking, save the “getting to know each other” conversation for eating. Use the prepping time to “heat things up”. For example, While she is chopping, (even if she’s doing it right) get her consent to get behind her and demonstrate for her the proper way to chop. When you do, lean in closer to her ear and whisper in a low voice what you are doing. This will leave her knees wobbling and her mind foggy. You have not only blown her mind but left quite an impression on her.

Ways To Blow Her Mind Without Blowing Your Wallet

2. Be A Gentleman

Do not believe that saying “nice guys finish last” because it’s not true for a lot of girls. It’s like women saying all guys are into big boobs and blonde hair and it doesn’t apply to all guys. Lots of women like guys who are gentlemen meaning the ones who open doors, pull the chair out, give the jacket on a cold day or night, and the list goes on and on. But, sadly, there aren’t a lot of men out there who would do such things. It’s even to the point where the term “gentleman” has a period because the men in the 50s era were identified as real gentlemen. Now, it’s all about which man is more dominant. Be the man to demonstrate what a real man is. When she’s talking, look into her eyes to show her you listen and care, open the door for her, offer to carry something she’s holding, etc. Show her chivalry still lives.

3. Watching Sunsets

It would be nice to take her to watch the sunset, someplace where it’s just the two of you. Do some research on the perfect spots to watch the sunset, grab a blanket for the two of you to sit on, grab snacks, and make a romantic playlist to be playing while you two watch. It’s romantic and a perfect make-out opportunity. You will seriously blow her mind and give her the perfect insta moment to brag about how sweet her man is.

Ways To Blow Her Mind Without Blowing Your Wallet

4. Giving Massages

Do not be that jerk and go below the shoulders and back (unless you’re married to her). Women like massages because stress causes tension in the body, especially the shoulders area. Not everyone has money to spend on a spa, so be her knight in shining armor and blow her mind with some massage techniques. While you’re rubbing her shoulders, ask her about her day. Just like men, women sometimes need to get stuff off of their chests, even if it’s just gossiping about the girl at work, show her you care.

5. Compliments

She walks down the stairs looking beautiful, you need to acknowledge that! Whether she knows it or not, blow her mind by complimenting her. If a man doesn’t tell his woman she’s beautiful, she may never know it. And showering her with expensive gifts may be nice, but those things are temporary. Remember, the little things matter. Giving a compliment is small but makes a huge impact, especially with females. Make her feel like she’s the only woman you love and will ever love.

6. Sex

You can most definitely blow her mind with mind-blowing sec. But don’t be insecure about the size. Size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do that matters. A lot of guys make the mistake of going straight for the woman’s prized possession. You can’t just skip dinner to get to dessert, you have to be patient. Women have to be aroused and actually have spots, where you kiss, can arouse us. A lot of us differ because while some women liked to be kissed on the stomach some women do not, so when you’re in the bedroom getting nasty, take your time and explore.

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7. Be Proud

This is about blowing her mind without blowing your wallet, meaning without throwing her an unnecessary amount of money just to impress her. Again, not all women are into men like that, it’s disrespectful. Women want men who are not only gentlemen but are proud to be with them aren’t afraid to show it publicly. When you take her out, take her hand in yours like it’s meant to be there, wrap your arm around her waist or shoulders. This demonstrates you’re proud to claim you’re hers and she’s yours. A woman also loves it when you introduce her to your friends as your girlfriend and not a friend girl. It says you aren’t embarrassed to tell them you are in a relationship. Kiss her in public, not a full-on make-out session, but it’s good to give some affection publicly because it says you were craving her lips and she didn’t have to ask for it.

Her mind will be blown when you parade her in public, with friends and family because some women expect the no labels thing with a man, especially when it comes to explaining to friends and family. But once you drop the G-word, no expensive gift in the world would matter much to her, except the gift of claiming her as a very important person in your life.

8. Dance In Public

Do you know those moments in movies where the couple starts dancing over music and it’s so romantic? Do that with her! When the two of you are in a restaurant and you hear a slow song but no one is dancing, grab her, pull her close and sway to the music together. Not only will she probably feel embarrassed but seeing that you don’t care what people think or if people stare, you’re going to surprise her to the point where words wouldn’t be able to describe that moment. You are proving to her that you’re not just another guy but THE guy who deserves her and will continue to blow her mind because you see she deserves everything in the world more than anyone else.

Ways To Blow Her Mind Without Blowing Your Wallet

 Money isn’t everything, which means your wallet doesn’t mean anything, but what you do matters. Share with your friends and comment on any issues you have with men. 

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