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10 Ways To Become Noticed In A Large Classroom

If you are a freshman or attended another college with smaller class sizes, having a large class in a lecture hall can be a bit of a culture shock. This is especially true if you are used to being the star of the class. Even though it may seem like you are drowning in a sea of people, there are ways to stand out and make a difference. So, check out this is list of ways to become noticed in a large classroom!

1. Sit near the front

In order to really stand out and participate, sit in or near the front. If you sit in the back, you will have less of a chance of getting seen if you are raising your hand or being heard when you participate. Sitting in the front allows your professor and TAs to see you and get to know your face.

2. Ask questions

While it may be scary to ask questions since you may not want to look stupid, if you are in a large class, there is a good chance that someone has the same question. Asking questions shows that you are engaging with the material and are making an effort to understand the material.

3. Participate in discussions

Participating in class discussions allows your professor to see that you are paying attention. It allows them to see that you are grappling with the material and are understanding it. Answering questions in class shows that you are paying attention. This is one of the really important ways to become noticed in class!

4. Go to office hours

If your schedule allows, attend your professor’s office hours. This allows you an opportunity to introduce yourself and ask any questions you have. This shows your professor that you are making an effort to engage with the class and that you care.

5. Stay after class

If you do not have to rush off to class right after your lecture, linger after to bring up something you did not get a chance to in the lecture. Ask a question about an assignment that is due soon or just introduce yourself on the first day.

6. Take notes

Taking notes shows the professor that you are paying attention. Write down key points, not everything that is being said. If your professor provides lecture slides prior to the lecture, print them out and add any additional notes in the margins.

7. Attend study sessions

Many professors or TAs have study sessions before exams, but they are not always required. Attend them, even if they are not required. This shows that you care and want to get the most out of the class. Even if you feel prepared for the exam, this allows you the chance to make sure, as someone may ask something you did not even think of.

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8. Arrive early for class

At minimum, be on time. Arriving late for class definitely gets your professor’s attention, but not the good kind. Being on time, even early if your schedule allows, shows your professor that you care about the class.

9. Make conversation with other students

Before or after class, engage with your classmates. Talk to them about the course material and if they ask questions, answer them. Your professor and TA will take notice that you are wanting to engage with the class and that you care about your classmates.

10.  Talk to your TAs

While your professor does the lecturing and oversees the class, it is likely that your TA does the grading or at least some of it. They are often overlooked, so if your professor looks busy, introduce yourself to your TA and ask them any questions you have. Arrange to talk to them outside of class for a discussion of things you talked about in class.

Do you have any other ways to become noticed in a large classroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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