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10 Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer 2020

10 Ways To Beat The Heat In Summer 2020

Need to Beat The heat this fine summer of 2020? Well no need to fret or sweat, we got you covered with these 10 ways to stay cool this summer. Don’t let the hot weather keep you from making the most of your Summer, get yourself cool today!

1)  Find Yourself A Pool!

To Beat The Heat this summer, there’s really no better way than to find yourself a pool. Whether it’s your own, neighbors, or a local public pool in the neighborhood-get yourself to the water! Something to be careful about though is that the sun reflects through and against water, so sunburn can become a real problem, even if the pool is cooling you off. It’s best if you can find a local gym somewhere with a pool, or a pool that has some overhand that will provide shade as well as a cool retreat.


2) Learn Some New Drinks

Now whether you’re above the age of 21 when you’re trying to Beat The Heat or not, there are plenty of drinks to learn how to make to keep everyone nice and cool. If you are in the drinking mood, find yourself some fruity numbers like daiquiris or margaritas to keep everyone cooled off. Otherwise, you can go for other mix drinks like an icy Mojito or a refreshing Tom Collins. If you’re on the non-alcoholic side of things and are trying to Beat The Heat-then find yourself a nice blender and get some smoothie action going. Or you can do the new fan favorite where you put an electric whipper/beater inside a watermelon and pulp the inner flesh to make a cool and refreshing melon drink you can pour right out of the melon!

3) Keep Your Skin Covered

If you’re going fishing or walking around an area where the sun is beating down on you, you need to keep your skin covered to Beat The Heat. I know it can get hot wearing layers or anything too thick, but that’s where you need to invest in some lighter clothing designed to keep you covered and cool. There’s plenty of brands out there that support the NFL or NBA that specifically make clothing for athletes to use when the sun is bearing down on them-so make use of them! The less exposure you have to the sun the better unless you’re going to use the right kind of sunblock to Beat The Heat.


4) Learn Which Sunscreen Works Best For You

Everyone wants to Beat The Heat, but not everyone shares the same skin tones and compositions. Asking a medical professional what type of SPF is best for you can be a real game-changer when it comes to keeping your skin safe and being able to Beat The Heat. Or, if you don’t want to ask a doctor, go into a tanning salon and ask them what kind of skin product they would use for someone of your complexion. In any event, be sure that you are protecting your skin with the best sunblock you can while you have fun this summer.


5) Try Some New Indoor Fun

Sometimes, to Beat The Heat-you need to just remove yourself from it during the summer. Things like rock-climbing gyms, laser tag, or even paintball/airsoft gyms can be great activities to do inside and away from the heat. Of course, these activities aren’t for everyone so look and see what’s in your area and see if anything is of interest to you. Sometimes local gyms hold fun game vents, or there are even trampoline gyms if you want to have some fun and get that exercise as well. You’ll do plenty outside in the summer, don’t forget to take a break to Beat The Heat and take the fun inside every now and again.

6) Roadtrips

Now I cannot stress enough for this one, only try this idea to Beat The Heat if you have reliable transportation and a plan in mind. The worst thing would be getting stranded out in the summer heat because your car broke down or something of that ilk. But if you can swing the trip, planning a destination and doing some traveling in the summer can be a great way to get some adventure while you Beat The Heat. Plus it gives time to jam out in a nice air-conditioned car while you take in the sights along the way to your destination.


7) Invest In Some Shade

Whether its an umbrella, a shaded swing or maybe even a new deck or a gazebo-it can be so worth it to invest in some shade for your area of residence. To have some shade you can rely on to Beat The Heat is a wonderful thing to have. That way if it’s ever too hot you can still go outside and enjoy the weather without having the sun beating down on you, or any guests you invite over. While some of these options can be expensive, they last a long time and can save your summers from being dictated by it simply being too sunny out.

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8) Eat Healthier

A weird way to Beat The Heat, but one that can really help you out. Keeping your meals light and ensuring that you aren’t stuffing yourself full of artificial or greasy foods can really help you Beat The Heat in the summertime. When you ingest these things and then go in the sun all day, you’re asking your body to reject your meal. You don’t want to feel heavy and sickly because of what you ate when you’re trying to enjoy the summer weather. So be sure to keep your meals light and full of fresh/hydrating foods.


9) Stay Hydrated

You want to Beat The Heat? Stay hydrated no matter what! So many friends of mine these days have trouble drinking enough water or fluids in general during the day. The world of consumer goods today is filled with sugary high fructose drinks-which don’t get me wrong-can be tasty, but they aren’t good for you! Especially if you’re trying to Beat The Heat!

10) Cooling Products

I mentioned briefly earlier about cooling clothing to stay cool and Beat The Heat, but there are also other cooling products you can use. Whether its specifics deodorants or powders, maybe even certain balms or rubs. There are so many products out there that can help you stay cool on the hottest summer days. So, worst-case scenario, if this list thus far has not helped you to Beat The Heat, I strongly advise doing some research and seeing what products feel better to use for you.


What did you think of our list of ways to Beat The Heat? Have any honorable mentions or problems that need solving? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay safe and be cool out there everyone.

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