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7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

I’d diagnose you as a masochist, but you’ve already proved my point by choosing to take an 8 AM class. Perhaps your professor only teaches morning lecture, or perhaps your schedule was too packed to do anything else. Whatever reason you decided to take a hate AM, here are my tips to help you actually make it to class.

1. Multiple Alarms

So what if it seems like a given, do it anyways. Don’t set the exact same alarm every day either, else your body will get used to hitting snooze. Change up the time your alarm goes off by small intervals of 10-15 minutes depending on what you need each day in particular. Also, make sure that the time between the alarms vary so you aren’t dozing off each and every time.

2. Start Eating Breakfast

Food gives your body energy blah blah blah. Point is, it’ll be easier to make yourself get up out the door and walk if you’ve already had a granola bar before you make the trip. Packing your breakfast will only get you distracted in class, just go ahead and eat an early meal and you can have a snack if your body really needs the mid-morning pickup during your next break.

7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

3. Get a bike

Part of why getting to class sucks is because you have to get there. Whether it be a bike or a skateboard, getting those extra few minutes to sleep in (or arrive early to class) will make you feel a lot better and more ready to start the day.

7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

4. Obtain Coffee

I’m not talking about the new $10 chocolate chip migraine from Starbucks, I’m talking about buying yourself a little coffee machine or coffee pot and brewing some good Joe in the mornings that you can take with you along the way. Unlike food, coffee will make you feel more determination to be attentive during your hate AM lecture. If you’re scared of a coffee addiction, try getting into the habit of packing an iced water bottle or some juice during your longer days and earlier mornings. Never know when the boost might come in handy.

5. Walking Buddy

A roommate, a friend, find someone who has a class near the same time as you and agree to walk with each other. If that doesn’t work but you have a break after class, arrange for a daily meetup with your important person then. It can be casual, but the motivation to see somebody and not let them down can be a total game changer when it comes to forcing yourself to trudge all the way across campus in the morning to hear about rocks.

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6. Morning Showers

I’m a night shower type personally, but the upper-level classes for my major tend to be late afternoon. Stimulants might do the trick, but this is a natural way for your body to perk up and get on schedule a little bit faster. It’s good to have a quick rinse from all that night sweat. Throw your hair up in a bun, rinse off, then get dressed and start the day. Don’t allow yourself to bring your phone into the bathroom. You’re there to do your business, not to laugh at the latest TikTok.

7 Ways To Be On Time To Your Hate AM

7. Being Prepared

Either your clothes laid out or your books piled by the door, whatever things you usually do as prep the morning before class, try and do a few of them the night before and see if that helps matters. It should give you more time to gather yourself and walk out the door, just stay determined and do your best.

How do you make it on time to your hate AMs? Walk fast, procrastinate less, and you’ll be on time to class every time.
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