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10 Ways To Be More Productive When Insomnia Wins For The Night

10 Ways To Be More Productive When Insomnia Wins For The Night

10 Ways To Be More Productive When Insomnia Wins For The Night

Insomnia is one of those things that always show up on one of your busiest weeks. As if you needed one more thing to stress over, now you can’t sleep thinking about your exam in the morning or all the things you need to get done over the next few days. You can always try some home remedies to help get some sleep, a cup of tea and a relaxing bath might do the trick. But let’s face it, sometimes you just can’t beat it. So I’ve learned to let the bout of insomnia pass while getting things done which I normally wouldn’t get to during the day. Here are ten ways to be more productive when insomnia wins for the night.

1. Do some exercise

Maybe you haven’t gotten a chance to go to the gym this week or maybe you don’t exercise at all. A sleepless night is a good time to stretch out those muscles and get a small work out in. Now, I’m sure the last thing you want to do at 2 a.m is exercise, but this may be a good way to tire out your muscles and get you closer to a few hours rest when you have insomnia. If you’re more into yoga, give that a go as well!

2. Catch up on some reading

A personal favorite thing for me to do when I can’t sleep is I like to catch up on some reading that I can’t get to during the day. Now, I tend not to grab a book that I’ve been excited to read for a while during these late nights, otherwise, I’ll end up finishing the book! Instead, I’ll read a book on my TBR pile that I am not exactly thrilled by, but still find appealing. At best, if I choose a boring book, maybe it’ll be the ticket to catching a few Zs.


3. Meditate

Even if you have never tried meditation before but have always been intrigued by it, right now may be a chance to look into it and give it a try! Finding a way to clear your mind and find a good balance is always a great way to kick off any extra stress!

4. Pick out your outfit for the next day

This one may not take up much time, but to those who tend to take a long time to get ready in the morning, picking out your outfit for the next day may make a big difference in getting you going. Go through your closet and look through some of the clothes you haven’t worn in a while, you might have forgotten about a cute new sweater you’ve stashed away. You may also find it’s time to donate some clothes, so if you have insomnia, this is a great way to be productive.

5. Plan out your week

Whether you use a physical agenda or put everything you need to do on your phone’s calendar, if you are having trouble sleeping, you might want to take the time to plan out your week. Write out you’re week’s schedule and highlight the things that you keep putting off, like making a dentist appointment, meeting with your school counselor, and going to the registry.


6. Practice self-care

Night time is always the ideal time to practice some self-care. If insomnia has come for a visit, try to find a way to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet since everyone else is asleep. Take that warm bubble bath and have that glass of wine. Put on a clay mask and have a cup of tea. Even paint your nails! With all the things you have going throughout the day, it’s so easy to forget about yourself. So make this time to focus on you!

7. Sort out and put away laundry

Probably not the most fun tip, but the laundry needs to be folded and put away at some point this week. If you’re not getting any sleep, you may as well use this time to organize your dresser and laundry basket. Heck, whip out the iron if you are feeling especially determined!

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8. Get an extra study session in

If tomorrow’s exam is keeping you up at night and stressing you out, why not keep the light on for a bit longer and review your notes a few more times? While a good night’s sleep is always crucial to your learning and ability to resolve problems, it can’t hurt you to study a bit more if you are not feeling sleepy in the first place.

9. Work on your resume

There’s no reason you shouldn’t use this time to work on your resume. Insomnia is so inconvenient when you are tired and know you have to be up first thing to get to work or class, but if you are currently looking for a new job or opportunity, why not give your brain some good practice in polishing up your resume and improving your writing skills for cover letters? This is another great way to be productive when insomnia is winning.

10. Binge watch your favorite TV series

Hey, this may not be productive at all, but you were going to binge-watch your favorite Netflix show all night at some point this week right? Why not let it be tonight since insomnia has already won and save the other nights when you can actually sleep. You may as well be bundled up in a blanket in front of the TV laughing instead of laying on your bed staring sleeplessly at the ceiling right?


Have you tried any of these tips when you are dealing with insomnia? How do you stay productive on a sleepless night? Share below!

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