Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

Life gets hectic. We all get busy. Relationships can start to feel mundane. If you and your significant other are stuck in a seemingly never-ending loop, you can start to feel more like trained rats than people. You go to work, come home, watch Netflix, maybe have sex, say “I love you”, then fall asleep. Even though you see each other every day, you can start to feel far away from your SO. To help break the cycle we’ve listed ways to be intimate with your partner without sex. Because there are other ways to say “I love you” without saying the actual words and there are other ways to love one another without loving on one another.

Phone Calls

Nowadays, texting is the main way people communicate. It’s quick and easy but it’s also not very intimate. We all have these phones that don’t serve their primary purpose. Try to call your significant other and have a conversation instead of texting throughout the day. Replace constant texts with one phone call. It’ll give you the chance to miss each other. Not to mention, it’ll remind you of the sound of their voice.

You’ll find yourself imagining what their face looks like when they laugh or say something you’ve heard them say a hundred times.

Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

Feed Each Other

There are two ways you can interpret this one. If you and your SO are lacking face-to-face time, try actually feeding one another. It forces you both to be there and pay attention to one another. If you’re looking for a less up close and personal way to say “I love you”, try making food for each other. If you both have long days at school or work, pack a lunch for each other. Leave a little something extra by writing an intimate note or drawing on their sandwich bag so they’ll be reminded of you.

Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex


There’s no right or wrong way to do this one. The hardest part is starting. Take your SO out on the weekend to a club or a bar with live music. Dancing can be intimate in a club with a hundred people or just the two of you in your kitchen with no one but the stove watching. Dancing is a great way to be intimate without having to say anything at all. Sing to the radio or yell the words to popular hits from a DJ. Not only will dancing force you and your SO to be close but all that dancing is a good way to exercise.

Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

Bathing Together

Hopefully, you guys have showers big enough to fit the both of you. When you’re in there, wash each other. It’s a nice way to do something extra for them that you were going to do for yourself anyway. If bathing each other sounds like a bit much or you both don’t fit in the shower together, start small by just washing each others hair. Don’t forget to massage their scalp too. If you add a face mask and nail polish, you can turn this one activity into a whole spa day. It all depends on how much time you have.

Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

Play games

Playing games together is a great way to talk about topics that would never otherwise come up in conversation. Games like Never Have I Ever or 21 Questions are good to start with if you don’t have game sets or cards. We understand that sometimes you can get a mental block by playing the games you usually play together. When that happens, try a Buzzfeed quiz. There are hundreds online so you’re bound to find a few that you like. And while you’re taking the quizzes, side conversations and stories always come up. While you think you’re taking a silly quiz online, you’re being intimate and getting close while learning about your significant other. Get competitive and turn the games into drinking games to turn this activity into a Friday night in.

Ways To Be Intimate With Your Partner Without Sex

We’re suckers for love so let us know in the comments below if any of these tips help you and your significant other become more intimate or helped you break up a stale routine! We want to hear from you if you’ve got other ideas on intimate activities that don’t include sex.

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