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5 Ways To Ask Your Guy Friend On A Date

5 Ways To Ask Your Guy Friend On A Date

Asking your guy friend out on a date can be extremely nerve-racking. Everyone is afraid of rejection— especially from the guy you’re crushing on. It’s time to face your fears and test out these five ways to ask out your guy friend on a date.

1. Ask Your Guy Friend Out On A Group Date

From his perspective, asking him out on a group date is harmless. If all he wants is to just be friends then hanging out with a group will ease the rejection. If he accepts your invitation, he may see another side of you that you were too shy to show. Being with a group of friends will make both you and him feel a lot more comfortable and ease those dating jitters.

5 Ways To Ask Your Guy Friend On A Date

2. Ask Him To Get Coffee

Asking someone to grab a coffee is pretty harmless. It can be the beginnings of a friendship, a business meeting or even a date. If he agrees to get coffee with you, it’s an easy way to get to know him a little more. There is a lot of intimate room to talk and see how he’s feeling. This gives you the opportunity to ask more personal questions without the dramatic atmosphere like a dinner date.

3. Ask Him To Go To An Event

The typical “I have an extra ticket line” is always a good one to break out. Having an event already picked and ready to go is an added bonus when asking your guy friend out. It takes all the logistics out of the date and all that is left if who is picking up who. Make sure you take in to consideration the type of guy you are asking out. If he prefers a rock concert to a pop concert, then grab a couple seats to one of his favorite artists. If he declines make sure those tickets are refundable or you have a friend to attend just in case. Asking him to an event is the easiest way to ask your guy friend on a date.  

5 Ways To Ask Your Guy Friend On A Date

4. Ask Him To Give You Lessons

Find out what he is really good at. Whether it is speaking a foreign language or playing guitar, ask him to teach you a few things. Make it seem like you are really interested and have been wanting to learn for a long time. This will give the both of you some one-on-one time while keeping you both occupied on something other than the romantics. The more comfortable you are with doing “friendly” things with him the less nervous you will be. There will be a relaxing connection and things will escalate to the next level naturally rather than it being forced. So don’t be afraid to ask your guy friend out on a date or for some lessons in this case. And if it doesn’t work out, then you got a free lesson!

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5 Ways To Ask Your Guy Friend On A Date

5. Buy Him A Drink

Most men go out to bars expecting to spend all night buying girls’ drinks with and without the hopes of getting their numbers. Stand out and be the girl that asked him if he wanted a drink. He will be thoroughly impressed and you will make a strong confident impression on him. If he declines a free drink, then don’t worry about it. At least you didn’t have to spend money on a drink for a guy that doesn’t have any interest.  

The more comfortable you get asking a guy friend out on a date the more confidence you will feel. Asking him out will give you the upmost confidence that will radiate off you. Remember that you are a gem and if he doesn’t have any interest in you, don’t worry there are plenty of other guys out there that will. Comment down below if any of these five ways to ask out a guy friend worked!

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