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8 Ways To Add Some Luxury To Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

8 Ways To Add Some Luxury To Your Home Without Spending A Fortune

Are you looking to add some luxury into your home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Over time, our homes can feel a little cramped and cluttered due to an over-accumulation of household items and possessions – both necessary and unnecessary.

Luxury does not have to cost you an arm and a leg, however, and it does not have to cost the earth either. In fact, by implementing these eight methods into your home, you can easily add some luxury into your home without feeling like you’re spending thousands of dollars. 

1. Declutter

No home is going to feel luxurious without going through the necessary steps of decluttering, simplifying and moreover, detoxifying your spaces. Start small so this doesn’t feel overwhelming, and begin with one room that needs a makeover. Go through the drawers, clean out the furniture, and in the kitchen, throw out any products that have expired or of no longer use to you. 


By implementing this technique, you will immediately notice a difference where your living spaces feel less cluttered and as if the items you have chosen to keep can finally breathe. Once you have finished cleaning your desired spaces, step back and assess how the room makes you feel as you stand in it. If you still feel cluttered in it, continue eliminating items or rearranging the furniture in a way that adds space and attracts natural light throughout the room. 

2. Add Elegant Drapery

Drapery can immediately bring down or uplift the mood of a living space. And likewise, the colour and fabric of the drapery and curtains can alter how much luxury can be felt throughout the space. Drapery is easily made, but can also create the illusion of expense with the right feel and aesthetic. 


Choose colours and fabrics that will match the rest of your home and decor, and consider consulting a seamstress on how to fit the cost of drapery in your budget. 

3. Create Layers with Trimming and Cushions

A luxury home is a home with all elements, pieces and colours in harmony with one another. In order to add luxury into your home, it may be worth considering whether all your decor, such as cushions, trimmings, woodwork and more are in the same colour palette.


Adding some pops of colour to your palette is more than fine, but ensure that these colours all work together well. By paying attention to the colours, finishings and trimming throughout the house, you can easily add some affordable luxury into your home by updating the trim work and cushions. 

4. Update the Bathroom

You may have already thought of this, but updating the bathroom can easily make your space look like it belongs in a luxury hotel. If you are lucky enough to have a gorgeous large bathroom, then you can easily turn the bathroom space into a spa retreat by adding some tall pot plants. 


Add some more luxury by updating your towels and linen, such as purchasing one colour and incorporating some hooks that will showcase these nicely. You can also hang up some framed prints in the bathroom to add some design and luxury to the space. Consider quotes or greenery art that will leave you, other residents of the home and guests feeling calmed and relaxed. 

5. Lavish Lighting Features 

Lighting can immediately have an effect on the way a room feels, whether it feels dull or luxurious. You don’t even necessarily have to update the fixed light fixtures in your home, as this can become quite costly. 


But to add some affordable luxury into your home, add some small lavish lighting, particularly dim lighting, throughout the house, especially the kitchen. With the right research, these don’t have to a harsh expense and can easily add some luxury in your home. 

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6. Update Your Cutlery

If you’re still using the same old silverware, then get with the trends of 2019 and update your cutlery! This can be an easy and affordable way to add some modern luxury into your home that won’t cost you massive expenses.

They’ll also make you excited to serve your guests during house parties and even serving breakfast for the family. Consider copper, gold or black matte to update your cutlery and cut into your favourite pancakes! 


7. Pot Planters

Pot planters can be as luxurious and stunning as much as they can be boring and dull. By updating your pot planters to something like these gorgeous, stunning and super trendy marble pot planters, you can easily create the illusion of luxury and extravagance in your home. Easy, affordable and lavish for your home decor!

8. Add Some Greenery and Florals

Greenery, plants and florals can instantly make your home feel vibrant and bright. By adding some greenery in spaces around the house, especially in the entryway of the home, you can easily create the luxury look you’re after.


Foliage and palm plants can be added throughout the home to create the luxurious effect, and adding flowers such as orchids can give a similar effect. Not only will your home feel like luxury, but it will also create an incredibly calming effect throughout the house. 

Will you be using any of these methods to add some affordable luxury into your home? Let us know in the comments down below!

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