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10 Ways To Add a Little Boho To Your Bedroom

10 Ways To Add a Little Boho To Your Bedroom

I absolutely adore boho decor. It gives any space a relaxed vibe that everyone will want to chill in. It is quite easy and fun to turn your space into a boho haven. This type of style of decorating is very welcoming to guests as well. If you are trying to make your place the ultimate hangout spot, look no further! If you are looking to make your dorm or apartment a little more boho, I have some fire tips below to give yourself a boho bedroom! 

1. Texture, texture and more texture

Look at the picture below! See how different types of textures you can find in this room. Boho is all about mixing it up, so when it comes to decor texturize that shiznit. Put metal next to wood, wood next to glass and so on. It gives the atmosphere a very casual vibe and as you can see, it ties together very nicely. So if you have a wooden frame for your bed, put a glass or metal table next to it, throw in a comfy couch, you are on your way to a boho room. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

10 Ways To Add a Little Boho To Your Bedroom

2. Let nature live inside your space 

Bring in some of the outdoors into your room! Bring some little plant friends to hang out in your room with you. I understand you probably have a busy lifestyle and may forget to water/take care of your plants sometimes. I feel you on an emotional level. Here are the easiest types of plants to take of, among them are succulents and cactuses! If you want to avoid live beings altogether, totally understandable. There are many pretty fake plants that you can add to a room that will create the same boho bedroom effect. 

3. Twinkle Lights

Lighting (or lack of) is key for a boho space! Dim lighting makes a more inviting and comfortable space. Picking up some twinkle lights from your local Walmart or Target and hanging them up will change the atmosphere in your space to give it a cozy effect. You’ll want to cozy up as soon as you enter your bedroom! That is excellent because that is actually what bedrooms are for. 

4. Get Low With The Seating 

Having low-level seating can a space more comfortable, casual and inviting for people walking into it. It says “hey, come chill with me” in a boho bedroom. This can be pretty simple if you just want to place some decorative pillows on the floor for people to sit. You could also grab a bean bag and plop it down for another option for low-level seating. My decor goal is to have a couch bed in my room for the ultimate chill-axing low-level seating experience. They look so comfy and inviting! 

10 ways to add boho to your bedroom

5. Give One Wall A Pop of Color 

If you are willing to work for the ultimate boho room, get your paintbrushes and rollers out! Putting in a pop of color can change the whole dynamic of the room. Picking green, blue or a color in between will especially give your room a dynamic and still inviting space. 

6. DIY Painted Rocks 

Of course, we are going to get a little DIY on this list! Time to get creative y’all! This little project will save you money if you are looking for boho decor. All you need to do is look for rocks outside, or at your local Micheals or Hobby Lobby. Get your paintbrushes out and paint some funky designs on them. You can do mandala patterns, dots or zigzags, whatever you are feeling,. The point is to get a little creative and put a little something homemade into your space. That is truly repping the boho vibe. 

7. Show Off Your Adventures 

Show off the places you have been and the cultures you have experienced! If you have not had the chance to travel yet, no worries! You can gather decor/art from other countries to show the place you want to go to! The whole point is to show your guests and yourself that you are dreams and to offer a little insight into who you are and your interests! 

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10 ways to add boho to your bedroom

8. Funky Printed Rugs 

Adding a printed rug will really tie in the whole boho vibe of your room! If you are unable to paint your wall a funky color, the rug is a fantastic alternative to giving your room the pop of color it needs! In addition, there SO MANY different kinds of patterns to choose from. The rug can be an accent piece and also a comfy place to relax in the middle of your room! 

9. DIY Mason Jar Light

THESE ARE SO CUTE! You can hang them in your room or just leave them on your desk or nightstand. Going back to the lighting aspect of the boho bedroom, mason jar lights create a relaxing atmosphere. You also grab your paints again and create patterns on the jars to combine to DIY projects into one! Fabulous! There two different ways to make mason jar lights. You can use actual candles, but if you are in a dorm I would say having a candle is a negative ghost rider. You can also use LED tea candle lights as a safer alternative and they still look gorgeous. 

10 ways to add boho to your bedroom

10. Tapestries 

Ah yes! Tapestries, decorating multiple rooms across multiple cultures for centuries! In addition, the Egyptians and the Incas buried their loved ones in them. They were used to tell stories to people who could not read as well. The art of tapestry weaving was seen in medieval times and employed so many people! Nowadays, tapestries can be seen hanging on walls as an accent in boho bedrooms. They are easy to put up and takes the guesswork on at least one wall for decorating. There are so many different kinds to choose from. I think the best ones for boho rooms are ones that contain patterns or elaborate artwork. Earthbound has some awesome ones! 

Here some ways to give you a boho bedroom or dorm room! These tips will guarantee will turn your space to a comfortable, relaxing and aesthetically pleasing for all to enjoy! 

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