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6 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Room

6 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Room

With all of us being stuck inside, now is the perfect time to revamp your room. Here are six ways that you can add a chill vibe to your room. 


For me, I believe that adding lights to your room is the ultimate way to add a chill vibe but let me elaborate a bit on what kind of lights. There are a bunch of different kind of lights that you can add to your room to give it a chill vibe, but I really like string lights. In my room I have string lights that boarder the line of my ceiling wall. You don’t need all one color of lights either, I use white lights and colored lights. Between the both colors I like the look of the colored light better. If you wan to be fun you can use lights that are in different shapes. For example, I have lights in the shape of hearts that I also have in my room. Another great kind of lights that you can get is battery operated lights, where you can put in batteries and use a remote to turn them on. With the battery operated lights you can even set a timer on them so they will turn on at a certain time.

When it comes to hanging them in your room, I like to use thumb tacks. I put the tacks in the wall and then wrap the lights around each one. This methods holds the lights in pretty well and I recommend it. if you do not want to use tacks a good thing to use is command strips. If you don’t want to leave marks on your wall then command hooks work really well to keep the lights up.

6 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Room


Having plants in your room can add an earthy glow to the room. Personally, I do not have any plants in my room, but I am considering putting some in. The go to plant for a room is usually a succulent, which are perfect because they come in a variety of sizes. There is a variety of ways that you can place plants in your room, but I am just going to mention two. The first being in your windowsill and if you don’t have a windowsill then on your desk would be the second-best location. Putting your plant in a cute small pot can add to the vibe that you want to set in your room. When I think of a room having a cool vibe with plants I think that the method of hanging plants accomplishes the cool vibe.

6 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Room



One of the first things I knew I wanted when I redid my room was a cool tapestry to put up. Adding a tapestry adds to the tone of the room, especially if you have a small room then it will take up a decent amount of space. The color that you decide on is important because it determines the kind of vibe that you want your room to have. When it comes to having a chill vibe, I think that darks colors adds to that, whereas light colors open up and brighten the room. I recommend getting a black, purple, grey, or white colored tapestry or just one that compliments the color of your room well. I also recommend using thumb tacks to hang up your tapestry, for me this was the easiest method.

Glow-in the dark stars

A lot of people think that having glow in the dark stars on your ceiling is something that is childish, but I beg to differ. I think that using glow in the dark stars is a fun and easy way to add a chill vibe to your room. There are many different ways that you can place these stars in your room and that’s what is so great about them. You don’t have to just put them on your ceiling, you can also put them on your walls in any pattern you please. What is even better is how easy it is to put them on your wall or ceiling. Each pack of stars comes with a putty that you stick on the back of the star and then you stick it onto the wall. You can even place the stars into constellations on your ceiling or just at random so you can make your own connection while you star at the star before you sleep! I am a young adult and I love them because they add a cool and different vibe to my room!

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6 Ways to Add a Chill Vibe to Your Room



Having posters in my room is the best way that I can express my individuality and add a cool vibe as well. When a lot of people think of posters in your room they think of pictures of One Direction or some actor you had a crush on when you were twelve. To me I think posters are important to achieving a chill vibe. You can get a poster of your favorite city or a print out of your favorite painting. You can use your poster to compliment the theme/color of your room. With the combination of the string lights and your posters, your room will having you feeling extremely chill.

Mode of Music

I think that one of the most important things to have a chill vibe in your room is music. Yes, you can just play music on your phone or laptop, but it does not sound as good as it would through a speaker. Adding a speaker to your room does not have to be expensive either. Personally, I have an Alexa in my room and I think I spent maybe fifty dollars on it. I love playing music on my Alexa, it adds a chill vibe while I am under the stress of doing my homework. If you don’t want to get a speaker then the second best option is a record player. A lot of people say that playing music on a record player is one of the purest forms of listening to music. I would have to say that I agree, listening to music on a record player is a whole different experience.

What do you plan to add to your room for a chill vibe? Leave us a comment below!

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