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10 Ways to Add a Bit more Fire for a Couples Sex Life

Sex is probably the most exciting feeling between you and your significant other. However, even the most formal ways of honest communication between each other can sometimes get boring between each other. There’s nothing wrong with honesty, but there are some kinky ways to add a little bit more of a spark to each other’s sex life.

1. Bondage

Bondage or BDSM can include many different sexual roles with each other. It involves one person being on top which is dominant and the other being on the bottom which is called submissive. The person on top is in charge of what the person on the bottom is doing. The dominant only does what the submissive is comfortable with. The best way to start with BDSM is with light pleasure involving such as tickling while using a blindfold, massage oil, and wrist, and ankle cuffs. Trust me, first-time BDSM is usually the best.

2. Love Bites

Remember those times when we first started dating someone as teenagers. We started with little light kisses on the cheek, but as we get older we want to start adding a little bit of spice to those kisses. Hickeys are also known as “Love Bites” are a form of aggressive kissing by sucking on or biting the skin. The best part about hickeys is that it adds the perfect mix of both pleasure and pain.

3.  Drunk Love

It’s always nice to just enjoy some nice quiet time with each other having some drinks. But depending on what time of alcohol your both enjoying, the simple relaxation with each other can turn into some spicy drunk sloppy sex! Drunk sex is a way of just letting out both your submissive and aggressive sexual feelings with each other helping both you and your significant other create new sexual and romantic feelings with each other. So if you ever just want to get the job done, just go through an entire thing of Sangria and just let nature take its course!

4. Roleplaying

It has always been our dream to have deep intimate sex with our partner while getting to act out our wildest fantasies having one person act out as a sexy dirty police cop or a classy yet seductive nurse, roleplaying is the best form of erotic entertainment.  It is almost the X-rated version of playing a cat and mouse game where the seducer, your pleasuring your innocent lover with all forms of kinky joy!

5. French Kissing

Whoever said that just normal smooth kissing cant have an erotic devilish bite to it! French kissing is pretty much a way of involving more than just each other’s lips. It involves more tongue  action with your partner where the feeling of having oral interaction with each other stimulates a feeling in the lips. The deep tongue sensation has been proven to stimulate endocrine releases while also reducing stress levels. So the next time when you give your lover a “Deep Kiss”, just know that it will most likely lead to the bedroom!

6. Asking Dirty Questions

Trying new things in your sex life can be very exciting for both of you. The most common question to ask is what you’d like to try new and how soon can we make it happen? You never know what you and your significant other will like if you try something new. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite sex position. It is also a very good way to understand your partner more by opening up to them which helps set the mood.

7. Make Game night Sexier

Nothing is sexier than being able to relive your favorite childhood games but this time, adding a little kinky play to it. If you want to make each other’s clothes come off but entertainingly, try a simple game like ” Call of Booty” where you can figure it out by its name, the game pretty much involves a simple one-on-one versus battle of Call of Duty. Loser however has to completely strip butt naked. When that occurs, be prepared to get naked with each other.

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8. Teasing with messages

A lot of people believe that when you’re trying to send messages with someone while trying to show off a kinky side, they always have to be nudes. It doesn’t always have to be like that when some of the sexiest text messages don’t have to have anything to do with nudes. Some of the sexiest questions to ask are the ones that give off a really good tease like you asking the question What’s for dinner tonight? All of a sudden, your partner responds with the answer ME! You can pretty much catch on to this idea of knowing that your partner wants something else to eat. Just make sure to wear a napkin when things get messy!

9. Giving Oral Pleasure

Oral sex is probably the best sensual feeling that comes from having sex without always having to have direct contact with the vagina. If anything most men and women prefer having oral sex most of the time rather than intercourse. The feeling of giving and receiving oral sex is amazing from the power of how they feel when given the control to the stimulating feeling of the oral glands interacting with the genitals. The best thing about oral sex is that it’s uni-sexual making it easy for both genders. Some guys who like to be very dramatic makeup kinky names for it like “Eating her out” while women go by the term “What that mouth do”.

10. Massage’s

When it comes to giving massages, turns out that there is a lot more to it than what the body wants. Yes giving a massage to your partner can be very relaxing, but it turns out the better you are stimulating the body with such a gentle touch, you will eventually find that G-spot that will send your partner into an erotic explosion of sensual feeling.

Switching up your Sex Life with different ideas can be a very pleasurable game changer. It can have a sensationally soft feeling with a spicy kinky aggressive side. Leave a comment below if you agree with my article.

Marcellus Johnson

"The imagination is precious. Don't lose it. Don't lose the child in you" Marilyn Manson

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