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5 Ways To Achieve Your Financial Goals

5 Ways To Achieve Your Financial Goals

You’re not in high school anymore. Perhaps you’ve recently graduated college. One thing is for sure, it’s time to start adulting.

A big part of  being an adult like includes your finances, but unfortunately all those years in school taught you nothing except “How to Solve X”. 

Here Are 5 Ways To Reach Your Financial Goals


Identify Financial Goals

The first step and perhaps the most important step towards reaching your financial important to identify your goals identifying what those goals are, because how you can possibly strive for something if you don’t know what it is?Having a clear mindset and vision makes it easier to be able to create a plan.

Figure out what particular goals are the most important to you it could be taking a vacation, it could be paying off your student loans, or buying your dream home. No matter what it is, you’re more likely to achieve goals that are written down.

Additionally, it might also be helpful to figure out why those goals are important to you, as this may bring a great sense of purpose.


Create A Budget and Plan

Once you have properly identified your goals, create a budget that reflects your priorities.Review your list of goals and start researching how to ways to achieve that, perhaps get help from a professional in finance.

Evaluate your regular income and week to month expenses. Consider what expenses you can do without, perhaps shopping and going to the movies every other day can be reduced to once a week, and maybe try going to places that offer Groupon deals and discounts.


Additionally, have a long-term financial plan. This plan will be your guide, your roadmap that will lead you towards your destination.

Grow Money

Many financial experts advise having multiple sources of income rather than one. Try to get creative and find more ways to increase your finances. 

Is there room for promotion at your current place of employment? If so, ask your employer about those opportunities and what steps you can take in order to be in that position or perhaps consider finding opportunities with higher pay should you have the skillset for it.


How are you with your savings? If possible try to find a savings account with a great interest rate, and then set up an automatic transfer for a set amount from your checking to savings.

Also try doing some side gigs like driving for Uber and/or Uber Eats, Insta Cart, or even a online customer service representative for Fortune 500 companies like Carnival Cruise Line or Pizza Hut.

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Have Fun

This may sound silly but when I think of my financial habits sometimes I think about my food habits. If I don’t have anything in moderation, then I’ll most likely end up binging on a bunch of things that I shouldn’t have. In the same sense with your finances, if you restrict yourself too much and don’t reward yourself every once in a while, its quite likely that you won’t end up sticking towards plan very long.

Are you on track to make a final payment on your car? Eat yourself somewhere like the movies. Did you find a better paying job this year? Buy yourself a new pair of shoes that you’ve been wanting for a while. These mini rewards will remind you of the progress that your making.


Have an Emergency Fund

Sometimes -ish happens, and no matter what your goals are always making sure you prepared for the unexpected. Maybe your car breaks down, maybe you need new plumbing, or at worst end up losing your job or getting injured in some way.

Bad things happen sometimes but if you don’t have an emergency fund or some sort of insurance, you could end up resorting to credit cards and a downward spiral that could really put you in the financial hole. Setting aside as little as 10-15$ per paycheck could really make a difference.


Have any financial tips and tricks you’d like to share. Comment below and share the wealth (pun-intended)!

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