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12 Ways To Accent Your Room Using Fairy Lights

Whether you want to add glitz or warm ambiance to your room, these trendy fairy lights bring it. Use indirect light to create a snug, intimate vibe, or create bold statement pieces to accent your wall. One thing is for sure – they definitely aren’t just for Christmas.

String Picture Display

Here’s a way to make a picture clothesline magical. Use fairy lights instead of string to hang up your favorite memories! This is perfect if you have a mini Polaroid camera. The small photos create a uniform look that is both cute and fun. Use clothesline pins and place a photo between every two or three bulbs. Not only does it make for an enchanting piece of wall art, but it also saves counter space and money spent on frames.

Hang Around a Mirror

Glitz up your reflection by draping twinkling lights around it. Fairy lights can take any zero to a hundred, so why skip your mirror? This adds extra light to your morning and nightly routine as well as aesthetic points. If you have a full-length mirror, twine the lights up and down the sides and let them bunch together on the floor. For wall-mounted mirrors, thumbtacks or tape is a solid way to keep lights secure around your floating reflection. Talk about a glowing selfie!

Sparkly Shelves

Do you have a bookshelf that is looking dull, empty, or boring? Light it up with fairy lights! Every inch of your space should feel special and unique, and that goes for plain old shelves, too. Hang lights behind the shelves or lengthwise to illuminate the spines of your favorite books. This is a great way to turn a practical, functional piece in your room into a work of art. Not to mention it works great in small, dark nooks where reaching for books can be a strain on the eye.

Dramatic Background

This is an excellent way to jazz up a lonely wall. Drop a curtain of fairy lights to create the perfect, glowing backdrop for any selfie. Use it for a gram, a vlog, or simply as a beautiful piece of wall art. It is a fabulous way to turn an ordinary, mundane wall into a statement accent wall. Don’t be afraid to try different colors, shades, or even patterns! Zig-zag lights from wall to wall, drape them like curtains or have them descend diagonally. Creativity is perfect for this decor.

Sleep Under the Stars

Take the canopy bed to a whole new level with twinkling fairy lights. Use them to accent light, flowy bed curtains for an ethereal look. If you don’t have room for extra fabrics around your bed, turn your headboard into a sparkling display instead. Adding a flowery garland will add a boho-chic touch to this piece. But you don’t have to have a canopy or a headboard to decorate your bed with fairy lights! Drape strings of light around your bed frame, along the wall, or even on the ceiling for a starry night’s sleep.

Spirit Lights

Upcycle those empty glass bottles by transforming them into fairy lamps! This DIY mini project is cute, easy, and good for the planet. Think of all the empty bottles that are wasted after throwing a total rager. Now think of all the air and water pollution you’re preventing by turning them into magical lamp lights. Totally worth it, right? To make things extra artsy, clean the labels off the bottle and paint a masterpiece that will light up when you turn it on.

Glitz & Glam

Light up your life with this glittery, shimmery showpiece. Perfect for a beauty corner, the reflection provided by these chic, tiny mirrors will magnify your fairy lights like a disco ball. Your floor, walls, and ceiling will shine bright like a diamond. Using this as an accent wall creates a spectacular crystal waterfall effect in your room. This is just the type of flair a total diva needs in her life. Show off your inner queen – no apologies!

Geometric Style

Modern, chic, and edgy. Hexagons and triangles are trending like wildfire these days, so what better way to use your fairy lights than to create geometric patterns with them? Your wall will become a total statement piece for the eye. If you want to keep your walls damage-free, try using Blu-Tack, wire suckers, or adhesive hooks. These days, many brands of sticky hooks are built for damage-free removal, but in case your dorm has a strict no-damage policy always check the label to make sure the adhesive is removable.

Glow Wreaths

Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas. Give your room a lush, fresh, earthy vibe by pairing a minimalistic flower wreath with fairy lights. These wreaths have all the classiness of a chandelier combined with the fun, romantic touch of a garden. Don’t be shy about shapes – if circles don’t cut it for you, try out different types. Hearts and geometric shapes work like magic here. You can even upcycle an old Christmas wreath to transform it into a glowing piece of wall art. For extra glow, double or triple wrap the fairy lights around it.

See Also

Dixie Cup Lights

Don’t worry, Dixie Cups come in many pretty designs now besides their Solo Jazz pattern of the ’90s (or maybe you’re nostalgic and want to string ’90s style Dixie Cups on your wall! No judgment here!). Some of today’s patterns are so pretty you can pair them with fairy lights and decorate a wedding ceremony with them – much less your bedroom wall. So what’s stopping you? Grab a pack of cute Dixie Cups, punch a hole in the bottom of each one, and string your lights through it for adorable DIY lanterns.

Whimsical Wires

Wires are tedious. They get tangled up, trip people, and are impossible to find in the dark. What if your phone charger drops out in the middle of a late-night text and you must blindly scour the depths of the fourth dimension in order to find it again? I’ve got a solution for that, friends. It is cute, simple, and so practical: wrap fairy lights around your wires! This not only helps you find chords in the middle of the night, but it can also prevent wires from tangling so much. Plus, it’s pretty!

Fairy Curtains

Curtains are exactly that: curtains. How about dressing them up a little? This works perfectly for soft, light, flowy fabrics to give your window a delicate touch. Sheer curtains are best for an airy, exquisite look. Not to mention it works great as a cozy backdrop for taking pictures. Be sure to wrap the string lights directly to the curtain pole so they can dangle and twinkle like magic.

Do you have any tips and tricks for first-time fairy light users? Share below!

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