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10 Ways the Shoes You Pick Change Your Whole Outfit

10 Ways the Shoes You Pick Change Your Whole Outfit

Ah yes, the universal language of shoes! So many choices, so many brands, so many colors! The sheer number of choices, though versatile and varied, can be completely mind-boggling. There are a million ways that the shoes that you pick can completely transform your outfit, but here are 10!

1.) Heels    

Alright, let us start at the top shall we? Heels! We will get more into the different kinds of heels below but for now, let’s start broad. If you choose to wear a heel, you already know you are making a power move. By choosing a heel, you are amplifying an outfit that was most likely fabulous on its own! Now it is 10x more extravagant! It can change your whole mood and definitely your whole ensemble. Those extra inches in height lent by the heel with add to some extra confidence as well! The one thing I will say about heels is break them in! There is nothing worse than putting on a pair of heels, feeling great about them and then regretting it the moment a staircase looms in the distance!

2.) Flats

There is no reason to forget about flats! The prints, bold colors and brands are all over the map in terms of statement pieces! They are great for work, especially if you work on your feet all day but don’t want to forfeit your style for comfort. If you are going to wear flats, you may want to consider insets. Many flats don’t have a lot of support and if you are investing into flats because you want to be comfortable at work, then it kind of defeats the purpose. You can get really reasonably priced inserts at Walmart!


3.) Chunky Heels

If you want to make the statement with heels, but don’t want to go super sexy and pointy then chunky heels are for you! And you are in luck because they are catapulting back onto the fashion scene. They can help to escalate your otherwise casual outfit without compromising the comfort of your casual outfit. Also, depending on the season, you can get open or closed toed versions, which can help any outfit in any season.

4.) Stilettos

Stilettos, the queen of all the shoes. The heel heiress, if you will. Stilettos go with jeans or dresses, work for work or going out and will always be a timeless staple in fashion! If you choose stilettos to exaggerate your outfit, then please, please learn how to walk in them! There are, like, one hundred videos on YouTube for tips and tricks on how to ease the pinch of heels!

5.) Rounded Toe

A rounded toe flat or heel can lend an innocent touch to any level of outfit. If you are going out to brunch a rounded flat or heel could make your outfit 10 times more chic than before. If you are going to a gala or a fancy dinner, you may want to add a rounded toed shoe to an already provocative dress.


6.) Pointy Toes

Now pointy toes lend the completely opposite tone than rounded toes and it is important to know that!  A pointy toed heel or flat can add that extra dress that a high neckline or a more modest work outfit may crave. Pointy toes tend to add a dash of flirtatious appeal to your otherwise modest or casual outfit!

7.) Brand

No matter what kind of shoe you wear (flat, heel or whatever) the brand is inevitable. Are you going to boast the big brands? Or support your local brands? Are you going to go for the great deal on flats at Walmart (which I totally recommend, by the way)? Are you going to invest into a couple pairs of high end and high quality shoes and supplement your wardrobe from there? When deciding how your shoes are going to transform your outfit, it is critical to contemplate the message you are sending via what or who you wear. There is no wrong answer here, so don’t be concerned about that, but know that you get to make whatever decision works best with you, your style, your budget and your ideas!

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8.) Color

This can arguably be one of the largest factors in deciding how your shoes are going to reconstruct your outfit. Personally, I am a fan of a one toned outfit and a bright shoe, matched with a bright lip. It is a timeless and classic look that will never go out of style. It is also super easy. The most important thing to know is that if you are wanting to go for a bold look entirely, go for a bold shoe color individually. Super easy and more cost effective than choosing a super bold, super expensive outfit!

9.) Event

While this sneaker and skirt combo below looks chic and fashionable to go and pick up a pizza pie, it may not be the best look for Sunday Brunch or Date Night. And that is okay! It is paramount to know what kind of event you are attending before you even think about an outfit, let alone examine a shoe choice! Again, no need to feel stressed. Google is your friend. Look up the venue, read the reviews. If you still feel iffy, search the location and Instagram and browse through the tagged pictures. This is a great way to decide what caliber outfit and in turn shoe you need to go to.

10.) Condition of your shoes

Shoemakers exist and you can find them by Googling “shoe repair near me”. I cannot speak highly enough of bringing your used shoes in for repairs. You paid good money for those! You still wear them and love them, don’t throw them away because of a little bit of wear and tear! Listen, you can’t choose a shoe to change your outfit if you get rid of all of your favorites when they start to get worn in! And the last thing you want to do is wear your worn out shoes to the death! Going to a shoe maker is so cost effective and is definitely cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes, so don’t forget about it!


Know that no matter what shoe you choose, you will totally rock your outfit! But also be aware that if you are looking for a way to change your whole outfit, the shoes you wear with it are an easy way to do it!

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