5 Ways To Prevent Frizz When Air Drying Your Hair

Amazing ways to prevent frizz when air drying your hair! These methods are great for natural, curly hair that's prone to frizziness and dullness!

As a girl who tries to stray from using heat on my hair, I’ve compiled a number of ways to keep your hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free after a natural air dry. Here are 5 ways to prevent frizz when air drying your hair!

1) Never use a brush with wet hair, always use a comb.

Despite the advertisements for wet brushes or brushes that are safe to use on wet hair, I’d steer clear. When your hair is wet, it’s fragile and more susceptible to breakage. A brush is too rough and will tear your hair instead of de-tangling it. A wide tooth comb is the best way to go.

2) Use an anti-frizz cream on your hair before it dries (when wet.)

People often try to fix their frizz once it’s already set in stone. Take precautions when your hair is wet. I like to use Garnier Fructis’ anti-frizz cream right after I comb my hair out. It conditions your hair over night and leaves it silky and shiny!


3. Be gentle when towel drying your hair.

Like I said before, your hair is more fragile when wet, try not to roughly squeeze and pull at your hair, gently press the water out. An even better option is switching out the towel for a t-shirt. The t-shirt is softer and the fabric is less rough, so it will work even more gently while still doing the job.

4. Moroccan/Argan Oil

Natural oils are your friend. If you use your fingers to work argan or Moroccan oil through your hair, it’ll hold shine until the morning. In addition, it helps to repair split ends!

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5. Lastly, avoid touching hair during the drying process.

Your fingers are about the worst thing for your hair when trying to avoid frizz. All the dirt and oils from your hands cause the hair to get oily and dirty, in turn it will get frizzy. Try not to fuss with your hair once you’re waiting for it to dry. If you need to get it out of your face tie it loosely out of the way. Patience is key to a perfect air dry.

Follow these tips for ways to prevent frizz and you won’t have to worry about taming that mess in the morning!
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