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12 Ways Philadelphia Is Perfect For College Students

12 Ways Philadelphia Is Perfect For College Students

Philadelphia is an amazing city, period. Although I have only been there for just an academic year, I definitely fell in love with the place. Here are 12 ways Philadelphia is perfect for college students!

1. So many universities!

Philly is loaded with universities! Apart from Temple University, the others include University of Pennsylvania, Drexel, University of Sciences, La Salle, Moore, Community College of Philadelphia and more. So, don’t be surprised to see various students in their spirit gear through out the city and bumping in to them. Interacting with different students can be beneficial!

2. Gayborhood festivals and night life.

Colorful and joyful would be an understatement for this significant parade of the year. The Gayborhood area is almost in the heart of city and most definitely has a bustling night life and businesses. Other than the LGBT festival that happens in June, there’s Outfest in October to celebrate coming out! It’s extremely chirpy and eventful.


3. Fantastic restaurants, especially on South Street.

This visually aesthetic area is culturally rich and so pretty! There are plenty of restaurants and cafes to eat at; great place to go for dates as students! There are many, small stores to buy personalized, cute items. South Street is a great place to roam around and enjoy the beauty.

Don't you think that Philadelphia is perfect for college students?


4. All the shopping you could want at Center City.

The bustling hub of Philadelphia, which has a unique name for the downtown area. Here are the retail and departmental stores, that students would want to buy clothes, room décor, and make up from. There are many fast food chains, restaurants, and the famous Reading Terminal Market! Don’t forget the umpteen amount of office buildings, for career opportunities. Center City is easily accessible through subway.


5. Lit clubs!

As for nightlife, there are many places to go to. Although, most of the time you can only be 21 to enter, there are many occasions where school organizations have created club events for 18+ students. I guarantee, they are so much fun!

6. Museums for everyone.

Philadelphia has an abundance of museums, you can never have an excuse to feel bored! For art lovers there’s Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, Institute for Contemporary Art etc. For the science enthusiasts there’s Academy of Natural Sciences and Franklin Institute. To cover history there’s University of Pennsylvania’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and The Philadelphia History Museum. There are plenty of unique museums as well such as Mutter Museum and Please Touch Museum. Technically, there’s a museum for nearly every interest!

7. Diversity!

Philadelphia certainly is a melting pot of diversity. There are neighborhoods of different cultures and universities of course have students of various nationalities and ethnicities. It’s truly amazing.


8. A rich history.

There’s a reason why Philly is called the “City of Brotherly Love” because it is a significant place of American History. Philadelphia is perfect for college students who love and appreciate history. The Liberty Bell and the First Draft are located here. I highly recommend seeing both when you visit.

9. Sports arenas with plenty of games!

Philly is full of sports pride. There’s the Eagles stadium and Wells Fargo for the 76ers and ice hockey. Temple also plays in the Eagles stadium too! So, there are a lot of tail gates in that area. Try to catch a game at any of those sporting events.


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10. Great concerts and places to sightsee.

There’s always one concert of another happening in Philly. Like there’s the annual Made in America festival, with extremely popular artists and constant shows at Sound Garden. Otherwise, many individual artists and bands visit all year long. It’s a great time for students to enjoy.

As for scenic places, a very popular destination is the Magic Gardens. It is an attractive place of mosaics and mirror art. Rittenhouse Square is also a wonderful place to relax and chill.


11. Affordable rent!

Compared to other big cities like Boston and New York City, which also have a great number of universities, Philly’s rent prices are better!

12. Countless events and opportunities.

For academic, future, and professional benefits, there are many events which are held through out the city. Universities and professors usually do inform about shows, lectures, and workshops that occur. Students should definitely attend these! The ability to build a great future here means Philadelphia is perfect for college students. 

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