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Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

It doesn’t matter if you use makeup once in a while, every day or only for special occasions, the thing is we all like having at least a set of basic makeup at our reach.  But we also know that makeup tends to be a little expensive and not only that, store-bought makeup generally contains lots of industrial chemicals like DEA, formaldehyde, petrolatum and siloxanes to mention a few. Some of these chemicals have even been banned on some countries and while cause damage our skin on the long run. That’s why natural makeup it’s one of the greatest things you can invest on, but have you ever thought about creating your own makeup?

If you have never thought about this, just think that it will be an awesome way to have unique and personalized makeup, no one else will have. plus, if you are allergic to any component makeup has, you can avoid it, protect your skin and even create your own shades of color all just by using natural ingredients we didn’t even thought could be turned into beauty products. Making your own natural makeup can also save you tons of bucks! You can invite your best friends to create natural makeup together as a friend’s pajama party idea or make some to gift a special one! The possibilities are endless, just be sure to know beforehand if you are allergic to any ingredient featured to avoid any complications or if anything starts smelling bad, throw it away.

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

1. Natural Foundation

Before starting with the how to do your own natural foundation you should know that it might that a few tries to get the exact color that matches your skin. But don’t be disappointed, if you have a few foundations done that are lighter or darker than your skin tone you can sure gift them to someone that will match it perfectly! For making your own foundation you will need arrowroot powder, olive, almond or jojoba oil and any of the following or a combination of the three; cocoa powder, ground cinnamon, nutmeg.

Start with a tsp of arrowroot powder if you have darker skin or one tbs if you want a lighter tone. Then add the combination of the three spices or just the one you decided to use until you get your desired tone. To get a more compact foundation add any of the mentioned oils a few drops at a time and keep pressing until it reaches your desired texture. And there you go with your own natural foundation!

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

2. Natural Mascara

First thing you should know this homemade mascara is not going to be waterproof, but it works its purpose more than fine, since it darkens, separates and conditions the lashes. Get a blasted tube to put the mascara you are going to make inside with its own applier of your choice or place it in a container of your choice. To start with this makeup product you will need 2 tsp of coconut oil, 4 tsp of aloe vera gel, 1/2 to 1 tsp of beeswax pellet and 1-2 capsules of activated charcoal.

Then mix the coconut oil, aloe vera gel and grated beeswax in a small saucepan over low heat, stir until beeswax is melted completely. Proceed to open the capsules of activated charcoal and pour into the oil mixture, remove from heat and store in your container of choice. Enjoy your natural mascara!

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

3. Natural Eyeshadows

Making your own natural eyeshadows is all about creativity and variety! You can get lots of color shades that are not even available in the market, plus you can also create your own eyeshadow palette with only the colors you are definitely going to use, or at least tend to use more since we all have bought at least one eyeshadow palette from which we only use a few shades, not all of them. The basics of natural eyeshadow include a combination of arrowroot powder and shea butter in the quantities you desire to make as much as you need or want.

 This will give you a neutral powder that you will now start exploring with to create lots of color shades. To add color you could use, nutmeg, turmeric, cocoa powder, beets, activated charcoal, ginger, paprika or spirulina to mention a few powders that will add color to the first mixture you created. You can also combine a few powders to create different shades. For example, if you want to create a pale pink tone of eyeshadow you could mix cocoa powder, dried beet powder and your base of shea butter and arrowroot powder. Experiment as you wish with this way of creating your own natural eyeshadows!

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

4. Natural Blush

If you start using this beauty project all made with natural ingredients you can’t deny you are naturally blushing! The lighter or darker you want your blush to be can be modified according to what best matches your skin. Grab your own container to store this homemade blush and your own blush brush to give the finish touches to your makeup.

To get this beauty product done start by getting arrowroot powder or organic corn starch and beet root powder. For every tbs of arrowroot powder you add, you will add 2 tbs of beet root powder until you get the shade you want to, just make sure to avoid clumps. Dip your blush brush in the powder and apply to see the final result and if you need to adjust any measurements do it now!

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Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

5. Natural Lipstick

Have you ever seen the isles of tons and tons of lipstick shades and wish you had them all? Well with this natural lipstick idea you won’t stop until your vanity looks something like the lipstick isle at your makeup store. Because no makeup is completed without lipstick and we know it! Have you own lip balm tube to add your mixture, these containers can even be reused from old lipsticks that you have already used. This recipe is super easy to make, and you will just need 2 tsp of sweet almond oil or coconut oil, 1 tsp of beeswax or beeswax beads, 1 tsp of cocoa or shea butter and optional 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil.  

Start by melting the wax, oil and butter of choice in a double boiler over medium heat. While you are doing this decided the shade you want to have on your lipstick, you could add turmeric powder for an orange shade or beet for a more pinkish kind of color. Remove from heat and stir in quickly the drops of essential oil before pouring into the lip balm tube. Remember to experiment with several natural powders and get different color shades of lipsticks naturally!

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

Extra one!

We decided to add an extra natural makeup ally so you can create your whole line, including your own makeup remover pads! For making these you will need to get organic cotton pads, a container to store everything, 1 1/2 – 2 tbsp of coconut oil, 1 tsp of castile soap, 2-4 drops of your favorite essential oils and 1/2 tsp of vitamin E oil. Start by placing the organic cotton pads one on top of each other on the container then mix the coconut oil, castile soap, essential oil and vitamin E oil and pour it over the cotton pads. Press them down so every pad absorbs the mixture and pour some distilled water just enough to wet the pads, shake them well to evenly distribute the mixture. And there you have you own makeup remover pads ready to use even when you are on the go!

Ways Of Making Your Own Natural Makeup

Are you ready to start your own natural makeup line? Don’t forget to share it with us if you do so!

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