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5 Ways Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Horoscope Sign

5 Ways Mercury Retrograde Affects Your Horoscope Sign

Whether or not you are spiritually aware, the alignment and rotation of planets do affect us all in one way or another. By now, you should have heard of Mercury in Retrograde or properly called Mercury Retrograde. In March, July to August, and October to November of every year, Mercury Retrograde becomes active. Media has hyped the earth’s involvement in such an event. Did you know that this occurrence would have some effect on individuals? Via horoscopes, there are a variety of instances where people may feel out of place in a positive or negative way. That is due to imbalances in nature and outward energy coming in contact with our human minds and spirit.

Whether you believe in tarot or horoscopes, the Mercury Retrograde creates an impact in such short notice. In some cases, horoscopes correlate with each other during this time. For all 12 horoscope signs, here are 5 Ways Mercury Retrograde would affect them.

1. Aries and Taurus

No matter when this occurs, Mercury Retrograde brings out the similarities between Aries and Taurus signs. At this moment, Aries and Taurus would like to move forward with their ambitions and tasks in life. Retrograde isn’t letting that happen. As Mercury appears to slow down in our point of view, it will seem like everything else is moving to a halt as well. Under the guidance of Mercury, these signs won’t take that lightly. Irritability, impatience, and brash decisions will arise during this time of change. What you can do is breathe calmly and think for a second, believe that time will pass, and such angst will dissipate before you move to release anguish.


2. Cancer and Libra

The Cancer sign is known to be the emotionally-invested sign. Throughout this retrograde, you may feel like things are not adding up, and nothing is going your way. You may feel hopeless or in despair through the days to come. Relationships break apart via communication. Relationships become vital to those embodying the Cancer sign. However, relationships are important to Libra as well. Do you find yourself receiving unusual energy from people you care about? Are they suddenly distant or cold toward you? Such reactions can cause Cancer and Libra to become defensive and spiraling thanks to the Mercury Retrograde.


3. Gemini and Virgo

What is interesting about these two signs is the comparison. Both signs are ruled by the planet Mercury. A retrograde in general sparks the belief that Mercury is moving off course. So, should Gemini and Virgo feel out of place too? Change is occurring even more noticeably during these retrogrades. Gemini becomes eager to seek change for the better, however, they may wish to speed up the process. In doing so, they shall receive unwanted results. Meanwhile, Virgo is not in favor of disagreeable change. Things were fine just the way they were and changed naturally as it should. Depending on how the person would feel, Mercury could bring out the worst in Virgo if the individual is not careful.

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4. Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius

Such as the other signs, no one is really adapting to abrupt change. This Mercury Retrograde gives a rather uncomfortable perspective. For Sagittarius, this cycle can pin you where it hurts. You may be going out as you normally would, and then nature takes its course and your plans fall apart. For both Capricorn and Aquarius, it is a similar perspective. For the most tech-savvy, you may find that your electronic devices would shut off and on, or perhaps Siri is not responding to your aching questions. It is advised to hold off taking your devices to get repaired until the chaos has subsided. By then, you will begin to think clearly and repair whatever broke at your own pace.

5. Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces

Everyone is either an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert. Such traits will be prominent during Mercury’s unusual reign. Individuals rejoicing in their sign Leo may feel as though everyone is not on their side, but they are being laughed at instead. The typical clumsy person may hide away and never show themselves again. Those born as Scorpios may feel as though there are too many roller coaster rides in their lives. Why are things positive one day and negative the next? Luckily Scorpio individuals know that there will soon be balance if they are willing to be patient through it all. Finally, Pisces individuals during Mercury Retrograde have fully come in contact with their emotions and intuition. As such, similar to Scorpio, nothing is making sense. However, Pisces does not trust easily, especially during this retrograde mess.


Do you know about Mercury Retrograde? Have any of these things happened to you? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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