22 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Cozy And Warm

Many people consider their bedroom to be their “sanctuary”. When you are stressed or have had a long day, you just want to lay down in your comfy bed and decompress. However, some people might think their room is just not right, something is missing or it’s not “cozy” enough. Although dorm rooms and even apartment bedrooms can be small and stuffy, there are always fun and cute ways to make your sanctuary “cozy”. So in order to help you out, we’ve given you a little bedroom inspo and how to recreate the looks! Below are 22 ways to make your bedroom cozy and warm, enjoy!

1. Easy things first: forget the top sheet!

Take that top sheet away, it is definitely a waste of space and tangles up when you sleep! #notfun

2. Fluff it up!

Add some fluffy blankets or pillows to give some soft, cozy feels.

Try these looks:

3. Be Faux-rocious.

Grab some faux fur pieces to throw on the bed to give some texture but is also super boujee!

Try these pillows:

4. Get your room to be fuego.

Well not literally! Candles are a great way to make the room smell delicious but also make your space super “cozy.”

Try these scents:

5. Be a little pig in a blanket.

Blankets are an awesome addition to make you warm at night but can add texture and color to your bed.

Try these blankets:

6. Create your own starry night.

Bring in some magic with little twinkling lights so every night you feel like you are sleeping under the stars.

Try these lights:

7. Time for new sheets.

Forget the cotton! Next time you need new sheets, grab some linen-it is a great material for any season!


8. Add some flair to your headboard.

Create your own DIY headboard (may sound scary but I swear it is super easy)! There are tons of examples on Pinterest to help you out!

9. Layer, layer, layer!

You never want to wake up and put your feet on a cold floor! Throwing a layer rug down can add some color and keep your toes warm!

Try these rugs:

10. Pick the calming colors.

Throw away those bright shades and go for some nice neutrals! No one wants to feel like they are at a rave when falling asleep!

Try these looks:

11. A picture is worth a thousand words.

You do not need frames or you can, but putting up pictures of those you love is a wonderful to make you feel at home.

Try these picture hanging displays:

12. Build your own fortress.

Make your own canopy, it is not difficult and makes you feel like you are in your own little nook! All you need is a tapestry and some heavy duty tacks to hang it up with!

13. Do NOT clutter!

Get rid of the choochkies and all the unnecessary stuff, all they do is make your room feel crazy!

14. Give some flair.

Throwing a few fun pillows on your bed, is a wonderful way to bring in different hues, more importantly comfort! Do not get too crazy though because then it will become busy!

Try these pillows:

15. Patterns on patterns.

Bring in the patterns! Mixing patterns may sound crazy but trust me if you get the right patterns it will surprisingly add some cohesion.

See Also

Try these patterns together:

16. Knitting is not just for grandmas.

Get some great knit pieces-they will add some ease and softness to your comfy bed.

Try these knit blankets:

17. Different tones but same hue.

Using different tones but same hue, can add variety but not feel so overwhelming

18. Choose the right lighting.

Forget overhead lighting! Enjoy some soft lighting with bedside lights!

19. Invest in a real comforter.

Treat yourself to a delightful down comforter-you will feel like your sleeping under a cloud.

Try these comforters: 

20. Make your bed!

I know I know! Making your own bed sounds super terrible but when you get back home you will feel like your returning to a hotel suite!

21. Go All White.

Sounds boring but an all-white room is classic and most definitely cozy!

Try these white accessories:

22. Hide that technology!

Lastly, everyone loves watching their favorite show before bed but make sure to put that stuff away, it will help you sleep and bring the coziness you so desperately need!

Do you know of any more cute ways to make your bedroom cozy and warm looking? Share in the comments below!
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