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10 Ways Kent State Students Survived This Winter While Staying Trendy As Ever

10 Ways Kent State Students Survived This Winter While Staying Trendy As Ever


We’ve all been there. Those mornings you wake up under seven blankets, roll over, check your phone, check the weather, and see “22 degrees, feels like 13 degrees.” Great. “85% chance of snow.” Right, so a -10% chance that I’m going to look presentable today. It’s the biggest struggle, I know. And as a “look good, feel better” type of person, a crappy outfit will kill my mood quicker than the weather ever will. But, I did notice students around campus have pushed through the urge to let the weather freeze out their style. Here’s some key items Kent State students used to survived this winter while staying trendy as ever.

1. Blanket Scarves

Worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders, it’s the perfect accessory to hide under while you’re trudging through a snowstorm to that 8am.


2. Fur Coats

They’ll spice up any outfit, make heads turn, and keep you warm all at the same time.


3. Turtlenecks

Back in style this season. Extremely versatile and incredibly cozy.


4. Longline Dusters

A classic that keeps you looking sharp. You can wear with just about anything, even a band tee. Adorable, like who would have ever thought of that?

5. Knee-high Boots

These babies took over campus, but I’m not complaining. They completely deserve it because they pull any outfit together and keep your legs toasty at the same time. Shout out to these boots for helping us slay all winter.

6. Beanies

Not those corny beanies that said “YOLO” we used to wear in high school, but in beautiful tones of brown, mauve, and olive green.



7. Water Duck Shoes

Goodbye overpriced Uggs from highschool! These are way more affordable and practical. They actually gave us some traction, making that walk to class through those icy sidewalks easier than spotting a black squirrel on campus.

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8. Sherpa-lined Denim Jackets

70’s comeback baby.


9. Parkas

Something old made new again, with trendy colors like maroon. A perfect step out of a boring, old winter coat, without changing your coat game completely.

10. Bomber Jackets

I have three different ones. I’m obsessed just like the rest of Kent. Pair them with a plain sweatshirt for that street look, or is it just because we wanna keep the cold out?

What are some ways you survived this winter while staying trendy as ever? Comment below!
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