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10 Ways Hair Sparkles Are The New Years Eve Hair Trend

10 Ways Hair Sparkles Are The New Years Eve Hair Trend


New Years Eve hairstyles seem like a no-brainer now that the glitter hair trend has taken over. It’s dominated the college game-day world by storm and you can hardly go on Instagram nowadays without seeing it (but who’s complaining, am I right?). If you’re asking yourself if there’s a more perfect way to ring in the New Year without it, there isn’t. Here’s the top 10 ways hair sparkles are the New Years Eve hair trend:

1. Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Spice up the classic New Years Eve space bun look by parting your hair with an edgy chevron pattern down the back. Top off the look with a festive glitter root!


2. Cornrows that Captivate

Shine your way into 2018 with this bold hairstyle that beams confidence. Sprinkle glitter between each cornrow and don’t be afraid to bring it onto the cheekbones for an extra pop of New Years glow!

3. Snapchat Isn’t the Only One With a Streak This Year

Pick up a glitter gel, like Major Moonshine, and generously coat various strands throughout your hair. A glitter streak is perfect for any New Years Eve Snapchat selfie.


4. Not-So-Basic Braid

Braids don’t have to be boring. Tug on pieces of the braid for a loose, effortless look, but bring back the fun by throwing in glitter throughout the braid. Tip: Star-shaped sparkles are ideal to show off some News Years night sass!


5. If You’re Afraid of Commitment…

Getting glitter 100% out of your hair can be a pain. Keep it simple this New Years with style and structure. This simply constructed glitter root demands attention, while still refraining from going over the top.

6. A Sprinkle of Sparkle

If you’re looking for simple with a little less organization than the last hairstyle, this one is for you. Sprinkle a few pinches of glitter into your space buns or hairstyle of choice for the night. This look is the perfect pair for a necklace or outfit that wants to make a statement!


7. Half Up, Half Down Space Buns

Twist up the basic glitter root this year by placing the glitter outside of the hair part and up to the space buns. Add a boho vibe by braiding a piece or two of hair outside of the buns!

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8. Accessories are a Girl’s Best Friend

Who says glitter is the only New Years Eve hair accessory? You can never be too festive! Mix in a couple hair accessories, like these hair rings, for an extra New Years edge.


9. A Pony That Pops

Toss up a ponytail that strikes by pouring glitter all throughout the hair. Looking for less? This hairstyle can easily be dressed down by popping glitter only on the strand of hair that wraps around the ponytail holder.



10. Who Says Sleek Can’t Still Shine?

While one side looks casual and sleek, the other shows you’re ready to celebrate! Coat the top section of half of your hair in glitter for a fun look that will for sure cause some heads to turn.

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