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8 Ways For Women To Make More Money

8 Ways For Women To Make More Money

ways for women to make more money

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or work a full-time job, you may find yourself in need of additional income. Maybe you’ve been hit with an emergency expense. A job loss in your household, or even the desire to pad your emergency savings fund are also valid reasons to need more income. Whatever your reasons are, check out these 8 ways for women to make more money.

1. Work As an Online Assistant or Customer Support Representative

Did you know that when you call customer support for help with a computer issue, the person you speak with may not be in an office or call center? The same is true if you rent a moving truck. Companies like U-Haul are outsourcing jobs to people who work from home. All you need is a decent computer and high speed internet connection and this is one of the easiest ways for women to make more money.

2. Sign Up with a Grocery Delivery Service

If your local grocery store isn’t offering home delivery, chances are they will be soon. Some hire shoppers and delivery drivers directly. Others use national grocery delivery services. In any case, if you’ve got a decent car and a few hours a day to shop, you can earn a bit of cash.

What if you don’t see opportunities in your area? Print up flyers and business cards offering your own grocery delivery service. Post them on public bulletin boards and online. Plenty of people would love to pay you to take on that task for them.


 3. Use Your Crafty Talents to Earn Money Online

Do you knit, paint, woodwork, or engage in other artistic or crafty pursuits? If you are truly talented, and not just a hobbyist you could make a bit of money. Check out Etsy, flea markets, and craft fairs as potential places to sell your items. To make money on commissioned art, it may be time to set up your own website, and reach out to local artist communities in your area. If you’re artsy, this is the most pleasurable of all the ways for women to make more money.

These are the best ways for women to make more money

4. Throw Children’s Birthday Parties

For parents, birthday parties can be challenging. Cake and punch at home is boring, and parents have to deal with set up and clean up. Indoor bounce houses and pizza places are pricey and offer a very ‘canned’ experience for the money. If you get along with kids, have lots of energy, and a creative point of view, you can give parents the best of both worlds.

By offering themed birthday parties such as arts and crafts, tea parties, pirate adventure, etc., you can create unique in home birthday experiences. As long as you’re willing to do the legwork, many parents are happy to let you take over.


 5. Start a Blog

If you have a talent or passion for writing, this is one of the best ways for women to make more money. Blogging can be a great way to reach out to people and share your thoughts. Once you get a bit of a following, there are plenty of ways to earn a bit of extra money from your blog. You can review products and services in exchange for payments.  You can join an affiliate marketing program as well. Just remember that successful blogs are constantly updated and offer great content. A company like Rewarded Essays can help you ensure that your blog posts are well-written and relevant.

These are the best ways for women to make more money

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6. Perform Micro Tasks

Micro tasks are small jobs that people finish in exchange for money. Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is one site where you can earn money doing such work. Fiverr is another example. Micro tasks include doing things such as:

  • Transcribing short audio clips.
  • Conducting website tests.
  • Filling out surveys.
  • Registering for websites or subscribing to email lists.
  • Liking or commenting on posts.
  • Writing short reviews.
  • Researching questions online.

7. Use Cash Back Apps to Earn Money

Are you a flexible shopper? Are you willing to swap out your usual shampoo or deodorant for something different? What about groceries. Can you build your weekly meal plan around the best offers? If so, check out apps such as Ibotta and Savingstar pay you rebates when you buy certain items at your grocery store, local C-Store, big box discount store, even when you shop online. All you have to do is purchase the items that they’re offering.

These are the best ways for women to make more money

8. Sell Items on Ebay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace

Your unwanted clothing, used electronics, kitchen appliances, furniture, and other items can be a source of income. Post them on sites such as Ebay or Craigslist. Another option is Facebook Marketplace. You can even offer to help friends get rid of their unwanted items for a fee as well. Remember that even if you just make a bit of money, you’ve also likely accomplished a bit of decluttering as well.


These are just a few ways for women to make more money. To find more, simply tap into your talents, and think about unmet needs within your community. The extra money that you earn can really add up to something significant.

Share some other ways for women to make more money in the comments below!
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