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10 Ways To Find Your Personal Style

10 Ways To Find Your Personal Style

Coming into your own is crucial. Here's 10 ways to find your personal style. Having your own unique style is important and helps you stand out! Fashion must

Personal style… these two simple words are messing with a girl’s mind since probably high school! You need to find your personal style can be tricky and before you actually discover it, you might go through some images that not only don’t fit you, but also they are not truly you. Don’t worry though, I am here to provide you with 10 ways to find your personal style and be yourself.

1. Understand your body type.

Ok, so there are many different body types and shapes. You need to figure out yours in order to shop smart and dress with clothes that highlight the parts of your body you love.

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2. Find your colors.

Color is everything! Whether it has to do with make-up, dresses, shoes or jewelry. You need to match your accessories and your clothes with your skin tone, eyes and hair. Okay, not excessive stuff but you get the gist.

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3. Find your inspo.

This is a very important part. You need to seek your fashion idols in order to be able to see what you like and what expresses you. It doesn’t necessarily has to be a designer or a model. Mine is Supergirl for example. For those of you who watch it, Kara Danvers’ sweaters and miniskirts are the cutest!



4. Find the things you absolutely hate.

Mine is the colour orange in clothes. Someone else’s could be high heels, God forbid! Whatever it is that you see and you immediately hate and you are thinking no way I am wearing this! That is a big step in finding your personal style. Your dos and don’ts.



5. Find the things you absolutely love.

My sunglasses, my red lipstick and my polka dot handbag. Also, my favorite number is 3, so most of my lists contain 3 things. My point is that you need to find the things you cannot live without.


6. Choose your make-up.

And by that I mean that you need to find the shades that suit you and the lipstick that screams YOU! Some girls prefer to just wear some mascara and a lipstick and they’re done. Others like to contour. Whatever makes you happy!



7. Perfume time!

Yep, that’s right. You have to find your scent. A perfume that people will try to find you in the crowd should they smell it. Whether it’s a classic Chanel No. 5 or a fresh Black Opium, you have to choose your own little bottle of happiness.

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8. Lingerie.

Well… okay, so this is important for one reason. In order to be content with the outside, you need to be happy with the inside. Your underwear, whether they are black and sexy or pink and cute, they need to make you feel great about yourself. A cute bra could make your day!



9. Jewelry.

Some women do not like to have many pieces of jewelry on them, but even a pair of pearl earrings could do the trick. Generally, diamonds could be a girl’s best friend, but it doesn’t have to be real… faux bijoux are very common and they exist to make our lives better and more stylish!


10. Be real.

The final step! While social media, TV etc. may display a specific image that is everywhere, you must not be influenced by it. You have to keep it real! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and stand out. Your style is your personality and you have every right to show it to the world.



Let us know what you think about how to find your personal style?! Drop us a line!!
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