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Wax Or Threaded Eyebrows? Which Should You Choose?

Wax Or Threaded Eyebrows? Which Should You Choose?

Wax Or Threaded Eyebrows? Which Should You Choose?

People who have those beautiful growing eyebrows typically want to maintain them making sure that they are nice, and bomb looking.

Natural Good Eyebrows

As someone who has natural good looking eyebrows, I consider them my babies, lol. My eyebrows are one of the many things that I take absolute pride in. A lot of people that I know have really good eyebrows and they wouldn’t care to refine their eyebrows at all. In my opinion, I think you should at least get them cleaned up a bit.

EyeBrows Created With Makeup

It is a common concept to create your eyebrows with makeup. Makeup is a system of enhancing an individual’s beauty, face structure and/or covering up blemishes that you don’t want to be seen.


When you create your eyebrows with makeup, it is important that you make it so that it looks as a natural as possible and not too dramatic. Having a dramatic eyebrow can result in one of two reactions from people: One, you get people who look at it and think it fits your face, or two, you get people who will talk about how horrible it looks, especially if your eyebrow looks really dark.

Wax Away The Unnecessary Hairs

Waxing is good for beginners, especially those who have their eyebrows done professionally. I started getting my eyebrows waxed in the beginning, which turned into getting them waxed for a few years.

Getting them waxed is good when you don’t really have much hair to clean up, but if you have a bunch of hairs, then waxing can be a bit much for the skin.


Waxed brows only last up to two weeks.

It’s Always The Left Eye That Cries A River

I was not at all prepared to cry at the establishment that I go to get my brows done. I was not warned at all! When she did my first eyebrow, she started on the right one, and no tear was shed.

I handled it like a trooper: there was temporary pain that was felt after the first few pulls, then it left. But when she got to that left eye, oh boy, was that something else.


My eye was watering up like crazy,! You would think I was poked in the eye, or that I had yawned. I did neither, I was just sitting there and when she waxed away the hairs, my eyes started watering and leaking tears.

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The Thread and Needle

I didn’t discover threading until a year ago, and I decided to try it out for the very first time over the summer, kind of in the spare of the moment. I was with my friend in Harvard Square, and we were strolling down the street when we saw this threading place.


She looked at me and said “Sis do you want to go and get our brows threaded? It would be my first time, so you won’t be alone.” I thought about it for a few minutes while we stood outside the shop and eventually went inside.

The experience was amazing, my eyes still watered but not as much as when I got my eyebrows waxed. The benefit is long lasting compared to waxed eyebrows: Threaded brows last up to four weeks.

Which One Is The Winner

The crowned winner is threading! The results are amazing, it is a different look than the look of eyebrows that has been waxed. What I mean by all this is that the clean up on both the techniques is good, but the threading is my more precise and neat.


Threading eyebrows and waxing eyebrows are both great experiences, but only one technique is one that will be preferred. What do you think about threading or waxing eyebrows? Comment down below!

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