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15 Washington DC Based Instagram Accounts To Follow

15 Washington DC Based Instagram Accounts To Follow

Whether you're new to the DC area or are just interested in learning more about the city; be sure to follow these Washington DC based Instagram accounts!
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Growing up as a Millennial means growing up in an era with huge advances in technology; and with those advances, came social media. Most of us can agree that social media has become part of our daily routines. We wake up, turn our phones on, and check twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I would have to say that my favorite social media platform is Instagram, no doubt about it! In it, you can find personal accounts, as well as accounts specially made for fashion, food, tourism, motivation, etc. Since I will be moving to Washington, D.C. this fall, I decided to investigate a some Washington DC based Instagram accounts. Here are 15 of my favorites:

1. Washington DC (@visitwashingtondc)

I know this one may sound pretty basic and sort of boring, but for incoming freshmen like me, who come from other parts of the world like Latin America, it can be really useful. In this account, you will be able to find interesting facts about D.C., places to eat, and also events happening around the city that you may want to attend.

2. Foodie in Recovery (@foodie_in_recovery)

This girl takes us with her in her journey to recover from anorexia. While doing so, she takes pictures of all the different things that she eats in D.C. and around the world. If one day you are just so done with the school’s cafeteria and you want to eat somewhere else, this account is where you will find a place to eat, and you will definitely love it!


 3. Bitches Who Brunch (@bitcheswhobrunch)

Everyone loves going out for brunch. I mean, who doesn’t love to eat amazingly delicious food and mimosas at 12 in the afternoon. If you like it as much as I do, then this account is perfect for you. In it, you will find recommendations on where to go to brunch, what to wear, and even where to party in D.C.

4. National Building Museum (@nationalbuildingmuseum)

If you are planning on majoring in architecture, or you just simply find something interesting about it and about observing it, then you should check this account out. It has pictures of the most amazing architecture in Washington, D.C.


5. Sara Azani (@stylemba)

What better place than Instagram to find fashion inspiration? I would say none, and Sara has some of the best fashion posts that I have seen. She uses colors like white, gray, black, pastels, and denim to create incredibly fashionable outfits.

6. Justin Schuble (@dcfoodporn)

We all know that there are countless food accounts on Instagram, but this one definitely caught my eye when I saw it. Justin’s pictures are so colorful and well taken that they will sure make you hungry as soon as you see them. And the best part, he includes videos too! @dcfoodporn will most probably have you drooling when looking at the pictures.

7. The Fit District (@thefitdistrict)

For most college students, and for most people in general, one of the hardest things to do is to find motivation to exercise. Even if you really want to do it, you just cannot. If you can identify with this, then this account is just perfect for you! People from all over D.C. are able to send pictures of “where and how they sweat” so they can motivate others. Say no to freshmen fifteen!


8. Claire Ashley (@claireashleybeauty)

Another lifestyle and fashion blogger with an amazing sense of style. Apart from that, Ashley is also a makeup artist and she posts pictures and tutorials of her looks. I know the struggle of trying to create a new makeup look and ending with total chaos; so if you feel like not wasting your makeup, then follow her and definitely check her YouTube channel too!

9. Adrien Radford (@adrienradford)

Washington D.C. is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited. There is no better way to see such a beautiful city, than through the lens of a great photographer like Adrien Radford is. Buildings full of colors, and plants and places you never thought that could be so pretty is what Adrien posts for us to see.

10. Eat The Capital (@eatthecapital)

As the biography says “Your source for DC’s essential eats”. If you are ever confused about where to go, and you want to eat something that’s worth the calories, then you should go check this account; you will absolutely find somewhere to eat, and it is going to be worth it.

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11. We The People DC (@wethepeopledc) 

Observe D.C. through the eyes, or well, pictures taken by the people who live there. The best way to see the city, their architecture, activities, food and its people.

12. Meg Biram (@megbiram)

If you prefer colors like black and white, then there is no better blogger than Meg! She has an incredible style. While staying on the simpler side, Meg still manages to create stunning outfits from where you will surely get inspiration to dress everyday.


 13. November Project DC (@nov_project_dc)

There is nothing better than working out with good company, so why not join this free workout every Wednesday morning at The Lincoln Memorial. Stay updated by following their account.

14. #dctography (@dctography) 

Photography is the best way to capture a moment that you want to remember forever; like a sunset, a pretty day, fireworks, etc. Why not share that moment with everyone else? In @dctography, people from all over the city are able to send pictures of those moments to share with everyone.

15. Smithsonian (@smithsonian) 

Who doesn’t love art? If you are an art lover, then you should follow the account for the Smithsonian Museums (which by the way, there are nineteen of them).


We all know that Instagram is not one of those apps that people will get bored of soon. Because of that, I decided to start my own DC/Panama based fashion and lifestyle Instagram account. My goal is to inspire other people with my style, and show all the awesome things around DC. My account is @livingtropically, check it out; and check all these awesome accounts to discover more of the beautiful city that is Washington, D.C.

Those are 15 Washington DC based Instagram accounts to follow! Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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