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10 Warning Signs Of A Potentially Bad Roommate

10 Warning Signs Of A Potentially Bad Roommate

Warning Signs Of A Potentially Bad Roommate

Everyone has that fear. Whether you’re a senior in high school, a college student, or even an alumni there’s always that panic that comes with accidentally picking a horrible roommate to live with. And why wouldn’t you be afraid? There are all sorts of weirdos out there. So if you’re sensing something is *off* here are 10 warning signs of a potentially bad roommate!

1. They smell like ass.

We’ve all met that person. Maybe you had to sit next to them in class or it was your waiter/waitress at your favorite restaurant or your brother when he was thirteen. Point is-they smell like a trashcan. Now imagine that you live in the trashcan. If this is something Febreze can’t fix, you’ll be plugging your nose for months.


2. They don’t make eye contact.

So you’re shaking hands with your new roommate for the first time… and they don’t look at you. Some people are just shy and that’s okay. But what if they never really look at you like they’re hiding something or guilty about something, you may never find out why. This is slightly concerning. This also could mean you and this potentially bad roommate won’t be very close friends which, in many cases, is quite a bummer.

3. They never look up from their phone.

When meeting the person, if they have typed more than have spoken to you I’m guaranteeing you, this is a bad sign. Think about it. If all they do is drown themselves in their technology you might as well check their Instagram to get to know them. They also could be the type of person who writes endless yelp reviews criticizing everything they see. Be careful. This is a scary person to be associated with.


4. The volume of their laugh doesn’t drop below an eight.

Laughter is a beautiful sound. A sign of happiness and an overall a good time. But if every time your roommate opens their mouth, and all you can do is think about is duct taping their mouth shut… there may be a minor issue.


5. They don’t care about personal space.

If you’re a college student, you know what being cramped feels like. Your room is already the size of a closet. Now add someone standing abnormally close to your face and you have yourself a bad time my friends. Pretty soon you become that person that yells at them after they ask you if you want a donut, because as they asked, you felt every word on your neck. You don’t want to be that person.

6. They think sharing is caring.

Wrong! If they touch your food without asking, this is war. Scenario: Say you leave some leftover wings in the fridge. You get all excited to eat them the next day and when you open up the box there is nothing there! Did they think you’d nibble on the box? No sir.


7. They don’t blink.

This is worse than not making eye contact. You see, any wise person should know that non-blinkers in this world are all serial killers. It’s just a fact.

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8. They don’t put their sh*t away.

As mentioned before, the size of college dorms are mind numbingly small. If they leave clothes, dishes, and especially food out around the room, your living space will look like the inside of a dumpster. Not only will it look like one, but if they leave food lying around, it’ll smell like one too.

9. They’re drunk more than they’re sober.

College, as everyone knows, is a constant party. And, again, we all know that “a little party never killed nobody.” But, when you have a 7:30 a.m. final the next day and your roommate can’t figure out how to use their room key at three in the morning, waking up to take care of them is not what I would call a party.


10. They flirt with anyone that walks.

Yes, there is such a thing as being overly flirtatious. Normally this wouldn’t be a bad thing. However if they come on to anything breathing, you better believe they’ll be coming onto each other in your room more than every so often. Talk about the worst possible bad roommate situation ever.

Are there any more signs you can think of when it comes to having a bad roommate? Share in the comments below!

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