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7 Warming Stew Recipes For Every Night Of The Week

7 Warming Stew Recipes For Every Night Of The Week

A cold day? Just want something satisfying and fulfilling? Maybe warming? Maybe want to make something with the intention of leftovers? If you replied yes to these three questions, you should reach for a stew recipe.

Stews are a great meal to fill up on a cold winter’s night. It can turn a dreary day into a special night. There are so many choices that you’ll find a stew for you. You can choose a stew recipe from a ragu to a goulash, a tagine or a classic stew. You can have seafood, beef, lamb, poultry or vegetables. Stews are warming, delicious and perfect for dinner. Some stews can be simple, but a stunner. Here are 7 warming stew recipes for every night of the week. Stews are great because you will have dinner for the next couple of days sorted! There are guaranteed to be extras.

MONDAY: Beef Stew

Start off the week right with a simple stew. This beef stew from Jamie Oliver requires only a few ingredients with minimal prep. You will soon be having meltingly tender beef in your mouth! All you need to do is get it in the oven, in no time you will have magic! Serve it with creamy mashed potato and a glass of red wine! Check out the recipe here


TUESDAY: Seafood Stew

Seafood stews are extremely satisfying and tasty. The fragrance of the stew is hard to resist. It will make you feel like you’re in France eating a delicious dish. Make sure you have a baguette or some bread to mop up all the delicious sauce. Check out a recipe for seafood stew here.


Have your hump day be delicious with a fish stew. Get your fish serving for the week with this delicious recipe from BBC Good Food. It is easy to make – a one-pot wonder. It also has enough vegetables to fulfill 3 out of your 5 servings per day. Fill healthy and satisfied after having this fish stew. Check out the recipe here.


THURSDAY: Vegetable Stew

Break up your stew recipes with meat for the week and choose a vegetable stew. Perfect to welcome your Friday. This roasted root vegetable & squash stew is delicious and fulfilling. It is easy to make, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian! Serve it with some herby couscous. Check out the recipe here.

FRIDAY: Beef Bourguignon

Easy to make, delicious to eat. Beef bourguignon is a classic French dish of beef stew braised in red wine and full of vegetables. You can also make it overnight! Enjoy it with some couscous or pearl barley! A delicious meal to end the week. Check out a recipe for Beef Bourguignon here.

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SATURDAY: Ham Hock and White Bean Stew

Something a little bit more fancy for your weekend. There is the rich and smoky flavor of the ham hock that complements the beans. Perfect to cook in advance and guaranteed leftovers to spare! It is also a great recipe for entertaining. Add some crunchy and creamy toppings to elevate the dish! Check out the recipe here.


SUNDAY: Lamb Tagine

A more complicated recipe to showcase your cooking skills. This lamb tagine has also been seen on one of Jamie Oliver’s many TV shows! With soft lamb complemented with a delicious yogurt, it is creamy and refreshing. There is also a recipe for homemade flatbreads! Impress not only yourself but your friends and family too. Check out the recipe here.

On a cold day, enjoy a delicious stew for dinner. Stews are warming, easy to make and irresistible. Enjoy a stew for every night of the week. Share with us your favorite stew in the comments below!

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