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12 Warm Winter Outfits That Are Still Chic

Have trouble keeping your fashion sense alive during the winter? Well, I’m here to help. There is such a thing as being warm and chic at the same time. Here is some inspiration, with warm winter outfits that you can buy to ensure you look great and not freeze this winter.

1. Hunter boots

When the weather is mild, putting on a pair of Hunters is an easy solution to the wet ground. If it is a bit chilly, grab a pair of Hunter socks for inside the boots to keep your feet nice and warm.

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2. Fuzzy socks

Slipping on some thick socks is not only warm, but stylish as well. The latest is to have your socks peeping out of your boots, a warm winter outfit trend that will keep you cozy and stylish.

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3. Oversized toques

There is nothing wrong with making sure your ears are warm this winter. An oversized toque makes a statement, and will promise comfort while making you stand out from the crowd. Pom-pom or no pom-pom, have fun with choosing the right toque for you.

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4. Oversized coats

Oversized coats are the perfect staple for a warm winter outfit. On a milder day, an baggy jacket lets you layer for optimal coziness. Add a turtleneck, scarf, or whatever you desire.

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5. The fuzzy jacket

These faux-sherpa or teddy jackets are hitting the streets hard this season. This warm winter outfit idea will keep you on trend, and make you feel like you’re cuddled in a blanket.

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6. Rock the puffer

The puffer jacket is making a come-back. Keep warm with this insanely comfortable jacket that is meant to take on the cold.

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7. Add a scarf

An oversized scarf can make your look complete in seconds. Throw it over a sweater and jacket with some jeans and you’re all set. Plus, a fun addition of colour will make you stand out, and be that much warmer.

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8. Leather gloves

Subtle and elegant, a pair of leather (or faux) gloves will add style to your outfit. Still functional, this warm winter outfit hack will make doing things a bit easier this winter.

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9. All black everything

What says stylish like wearing all black, and pulling it off? Take your black coat, add a black toque, scarf and gloves, and you’ve just made a stylish outfit with lots of layers to keep warm.

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10. Ear muffs

Ear muffs are an edgy way to stay warm this winter. If you’re ready to pull off a noticeable look, grab a pair and hit the streets.

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11. Stylish winter boots

Despite what people think, it is possible to find a pair of stylish winter boots. For the snow-filled days, you’re going to want a heavy duty pair, but don’t sacrifice your style.

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12. A warmer coat

The oversized coats not cutting it? No problem, there are tons of beautiful coats that will help out on those very cold winter days.

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Do you like these warm winter outfits? Let us know in the comment section below!

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