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11 Warm Animal Print Scarves You’ll Be Obsessed With This Winter

Animal Print Scarves are a fashion item that women need as part of their wardrobe, especially for the colder climates when winter comes. In a February 2019 article by Elle Magazine, Journalist Harriet Stewart declared that Animal Prints (regardless of what animal the fabric is supposed to resemble) will be forever chic. 

With that being said, here are 11 of the Best Warm Animal Print Scarves You’ll Be Obsessed With This Winter:

1. Animal Print Eyelash Scarf:

In terms of animal print scarves, an in-demand pattern that’s highly used is cheetah print. This printed scarf from Urban Outfitters is perfect to wear in the cold weather. It’s done in a textured eyelash knit and supposed to be cute and furry like an actual cheetah!

This Animal Print Eyelash Scarf is offered in two different colors: Black Cheetah and Orange Cheetah. It is also important to note that this particular scarf, when put in the washing machine, has to be hand washed. 

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2. Leopard Print Rectangular Scarf:

A leopard is a common pattern used for animal print scarves. What makes this one from Banana Republic stand out compared to other leopard animal print scarves (from other brands as well) is that it comes in the color of hot pink!

Typically, the most popular combination for any clothing item made with leopard patterns is that of black and gold-yellow spots. Despite its hot pink color, the leopard pattern remains visible. Given that it’s 100 percent made from cotton, the Leopard Print Rectangular Scarf will keep the wearer cozy. 

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3. Snake Print Scarf:

Snake and/or Snakeskin Prints are commonly used prints for shoes and other clothing items. In terms of animal print scarves, both are not that huge.

However, I recommend this Snake Print Scarf from Banana Republic Factory as it is on sale (see new price below and for the original price, go on the website). It comes in two different colors: Grey Snake and Brown Multi.

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4. Tear Square Scarf:

Zebra is another popular pattern for animal print scarves. Compared to some of the other animal print scarves on this list, the Tear Square Scarf by AllSaints is much lighter in terms of the materials (which are of the highest quality) its made from.

However, it’ll still keep one warm during the cold winter months. This scarf from AllSaints is trendy and will go well with clothing that is of lighter colors. 

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5. Literal Leopard Print Scarf:

This leopard print scarf is a steal due to its price (see below). Whether you are walking down the streets or around town in the cold, chilly weather, this lightweight and extremely soft scarf is guaranteed to keep you cozy during the winter.

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6. Panthera Oblong Scarf:

Another one of the several leopard animal print scarves to make this list, the one from Kate Spade New York is a must-have! It’s length and material (100% viscose) its made from its neither too thin/thick nor to0 shirt/long. It is just right and you’ll be looking just fabulous with this scarf!

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7. Letitia Scarf:

Anthropologie’s Letitia Scarf is stylish and will compliment any winter outfit you wear. Most importantly, it’ll keep the wearer warm in the freezing cold weather. The Letitia scarf is a pink faux fur one with cheetah print patterns, another popular design that courtiers use when coming up with designs for animal print scarves. 

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8. Cheetah and Logo Scarf:

This long and flowing scarf from Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is made from polyester. It’s essentially a cheetah animal print with the DKNY Logo around the item’s edges. This scarf comes in two different colors: In Tan (looks like an actual cheetah) and in Red.

See Also

As its already a pattern print, patterned clothing items with this DKNY scarf won’t look too good. With this scarf, it will go well best with solid color clothing. The wearer will be looking fierce with the DKNY Cheetah and Logo Scarf around her neck!

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9. Metallic Tiger Scarf:

The Metallic Tiger Scarf from Michael Kors’s fashion line “Michael Michael Kors” is a combination of fierce fashion and cozy. Not only will the wearer look great in both of the animal print scarves offered, but will feel warm and comfortable in the freezing cold as well!

The two colors that this item comes in are Dark Camel and Black. Regardless of which of these two animal print scarves you end up buying, the patterns of both resemble stripes of a zebra.

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10. Fuzzy Animal Print Knit Scarf:

Designed by DKNY, their Fuzzy Animal Print Knit Scarfs come in a variety of colors, which are all in a leopard pattern (although the black and white one resembles a zebra print more). This chic design and will help elevate your looks for the impending, cold winter months.

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11. Tiger-Stripe Scarf:

The Tiger-Stripe Scarf by Aqua if huge and will keep your neck warm when it starts to get cold outside. It has frayed edges and is 100% made from polyester material. It’s one of a few animal print scarves on this list that it must be washed under the “Handwash” cycle in your washing machine. 

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Of these 11 Animal Print Scarves, which one was your favorite? Which of these scarves vibes well with the rest of your personal style and/or wardrobe? Be sure to comment in the comments section below which scarf(ves) for both questions!

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