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20 Wardrobe Staples Every College Girl Needs

Packing for college can be such a hassle, especially when you’re doing everything at the last minute, which, let’s be honest, must of us are. Narrowing down what you should and shouldn’t take can leave you with one messy room! Luckily, we’ve narrowed down 20 wardrobe staples that we think you should pack into that overflowing suitcase in order to make it through the year! Below are 20 wardrobe staples every college girl needs!

1. Casual Trousers

A classic pair of slim cut trousers can act like a classier version of leggings. They’re inexpensive and comfortable but can also be worked into a business casual or  a more professional outfit.

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2. Blue Jeans

The most popular clothing item in America, a solid pair of flattering dark wash jeans are naturally a college staple. Investing in a classic, not too skinny, pair of navy jeans can instantly elevate an otherwise simple outfit.

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3. A Pair of Boots

Boots are an easy way to make any outfit feel cozier. If you live in a climate where rain and snow is prevalent, they are essential to keeping your feet warm and safe.

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4. A Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts can be used in a variety of settings depending on the season. In the fall, it pairs nicely with a skirt, and in winter, layered under a sweater. In the warmer months, it can be worn as a piece of light outerwear or tied loosely around the waist.

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5. A Comfortable Pair Of Flats

A good pair of flats is a must-have. Be an adult, buy shoes that are neutral and comfortable. Spending a little extra on these might just be worth it if they don’t make your feet all blistery and sad.

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6. A Denim Jacket

Nothing pulls together a t-shirt and jeans better than a denim jacket. This timeless jacket makes your sloppiest days look put together. You didn’t try, but you didn’t have to. It’s an extremely versatile piece of clothing.

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7. A Versatile skirt

Finding a skirt that flatters your waist and is neutral can be useful for adding a fun flair to your everyday outfits. I personally prefer skirts to pants because they fit looser and add a level of girliness when paired with a traditionally masculine style, such as a collared shirt.

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8. A Comfy Sweatshirt

Quintessential college wear, you can either channel your school spirit by sporting your colors, or opt for a more fashionable option and wear one with a cute saying. Warm and cuddly sweatshirts are ideal for late night study sessions or movie nights under the stars.

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9. Comfy Leggings

For the days that you just don’t feel like trying, leggings are a necessity. From rainy day coffee runs to long cram sessions in the library, a trusty pair of leggings with an oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt is a classic college outfit.

10. A Collared Shirt

Layering is so important in college. When it’s cold outside but the heat is on in your class, a preppy way to stay warm but still look put together is by layering a collared shirt under a crew neck sweatshirt or sweater.

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11. A Statement Necklace

I am a firm believer in the preppy principle: statement necklaces make everything better. A neutral statement necklace is a pretty utilitarian accessory in that it works with dresses, collared shirts, sweaters, and even a plain t-shirt to pull the entire outfit together. They work to elevate even the most casual outfit to a new level of dressiness.

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12. A Cardigan

A cardigan in a fun pattern or solid color is great for when the air conditioning in class is super cold but the weather outside isn’t. It’s easy to layer and makes any outfit look effortlessly put together.

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13. A Black Dress

A simple black dress is an important wardrobe staple because it can be easily dressed up for more fancy occasions with statement necklaces and heels or thrown on for a put together but easy outfit for class.

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14. A Formal Dress

For myself, the sorority I’m rushing has many semi-formal events, so having a trusty dress or outfit on hand is super functional because I don’t have to scramble to find something to wear at the last minute!

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15. Comfy Heels or Dress Shoes

Along with the formal dress, a pair of heels or dress shoes that you’re actually comfortable walking in is really important because if you’re attending a lot of events off campus or for long extents of time, you don’t want to feel like you have to leave early because your feet are in pain!

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16. A Pair Of  Walking Sneakers

I wear my sneakers when I walk off campus to get groceries, to class, or even going out sometimes. A classic pair of neutral colored sneakers channel the “athleisure” trend and also keep your feet very happy.

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17. The Perfect Blue Jean Shorts

The first few months of college can be very hot, and although everyone wants to jump right in and wear their new fall clothing, a comfy pair of jean shorts really fit the bill for the beginning of the school year. Pair them with t-shirts, or even collared shirts, and a ball cap for a nice transitioning outfit.

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18. A Puffer Vest

As the days get colder, a puffer vest is so important in keeping your core warm. I’ve layered mine over sweaters and under large winter coats to keep me from freezing in the snowy weather.

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19. A Date Shirt

For many, dating is a pretty large part of the college experience. I made sure to bring a few “date shirts” as I hear guys call them, shirts that make me feel confident and happy yet capture a sense of my personality as well! If you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’ll have more fun on your date!

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20. A Solid Tote Bag

Initially, I left my favorite tote bag at home, opting for my North Face backpack instead. Although I use my North Face backpack every day for class, when I’m just heading to the library to study or going out on the town, I wanted to find a mid-sized bag that was classy but could still function in carrying my laptop and some books. I purchased a reversible faux leather tote during the first week of class, and I haven’t stopped using it since.

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Do you have any other wardrobe staples that every college girl should own? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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