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10 Wardrobe Essentials That You Need For Every Season

Most people that are trying to develop their style are unaware of where to start. It is important in this case, to get back to basics. These wardrobe essentials, will be your basic pieces needed to build your closet. Wardrobe essentials, are important because it allows you to buy less clothing while still looking and being fashion-forward. Trends die out and are often recycled, but these classic wardrobe essentials, will rarely go out of style.

1) Fun Party Dress:

Have you ever declined an invitation somewhere, because you did not have anything to wear? This is for all those times. This dress needs to match your own fashion flare. The main goal for this dress is for it to be versatile enough for you to wear for most occasions so it is best to avoid patterns. A classic and funt party dress is one of the most important wardrobe essentials,. The perfect example of this is Abby’s blue dress from the TV show “Broad City.” The dress cost her a pretty penny, so she wore it multiple times throughout the show.

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2) High-quality Jeans:

Whether you are a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal or not, high-quality jeans are the way to go, and they can go for almost any occasion. If you have a brunch date with your friend, a date with a potential beau, or running errands, a nice pair of jeans is an excellent building block for a well put together outfit. When I mention high-quality, I mean jeans that you can have for years to come. A nice pair of jeans should be on everybody’s wardrobe-essentials. 

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3) Cardigans:

No matter where you live or what the weather is like, cardigans are going to be your best friend. I usually keep mine in my car, so if I have an outfit that does not work or does not look good enough, button it all the way up and play up my accessories. Cardigans are one of the most crucial wardrobe essentials,. It is the easiest way to elevate your outfit without trying too hard. It is a simple and chic look that anybody can pull off.

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4) Neutral color handbag:

When I say a neutral bag, I do not necessarily mean neutral in color. It is an everyday purse that you can use. It can be any color, like a deep navy blue, black, or beige. It can also be as big or as small as you want. Just pick a bag that will be easy for you to tote every day and in any instance. So when you are out shopping for this bag, think about what can I take to class, work, to a party, out to the movies with friends, etc.

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5) Nude/ Black Multiway Bra

Every young woman needs a solid black and/or nude multiway bra because it can be easily camouflaged under white and sheer tops. It would also be wise to pay attention to the texture of your bra cups. A smooth and rounded bra cup shape would be the best. The purpose of having a bra like this is that you do not have to think about what undergarments you need. The worse thing is when you form a perfect outfit, but it fails because of the inappropriate undergarments. A multiway bra could be worn with sleeve tops and everything in between.

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6) Multifunctional sneaker

Sneakers are not just for working out. They are great for when you need to throw on some comfortable shoes when you have a lot of errands to run. Although we all secretly want to be that girl that wears heels or cute sandals 24/7, that just is not possible. Choosing comfort does not mean you are unable to pick a cute pair of sneakers. If you are ever invited to a random outdoorsy social event or something very active that requires you to wear sneakers, you already have a cute pair on standby.

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7) Emergency Backpack

Like most of the items on this list, this an item that is necessary that nobody really thinks about. An emergency backpack is quite necessary at certain times. A backpack can generally carry much more than a purse. This backpack could be used on any occasion where you think you may need to carry more than your pursue will allow. Buying a backpack can also influence you to do more things outside and be more active since you are investing your money into this item.

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8) Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun is essential and can be very fashionable. Sunglasses are also one of the cutest and simplest accessories that any girl can have. Sunglasses vary greatly in styles, so there are a lot of options out there. They have the potential to add more variety to an outfit that looks too bland or simple. If you rushing to your class, you can just plop your hair into a cute messy updo and add sunglasses onto for an added flair.

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9) Interview dress/ jumpsuit/ pantsuit

Having an interview outfit is a smart and lovely way to be prepared ahead of time. You can spend more time conducting research or practicing what you say to your interviewer. An interview does not always require you to wear a dress. The fashion world has opened the world up to another alternative. A chic jumpsuit or pantsuit is another viable option for dressing for the job that you want.

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10) Plain Black Leggings

The age-old argument of whether leggings are pants is over. Wear whatever you want ladies. Leggings are probably the most adaptable bottoms that you could wear. They are comfortable, come in various styles, and you can always play it up with other items of clothing. Black leggings should be a wardrobe essential in every women’s closet. 

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Which of these wardrobe essentials, will you be adding to your closet?

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