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Wardrobe Basics You Need When Entering The Workforce

Entering the workforce can be daunting, especially when every morning you’re faced with the question, “What will I wear?” We put together some fail-proof workforce basics every new-professional should have in their closet when landing their first #adulting job.

A Blazer

What’s great about blazers is that they instantly make any outfit look so much more classy and put together. If you have a shirt that works for your workday, but you don’t exactly love, putting a blazer over it instantly makes you look so much more put together and professional. They’re also great because layers are your friend. We’ll show you some more layering options later on, but this is one way to help you throughout the day stay comfortable whether your workplace is hot, cold, or always fluctuating. 

I’m obsessed with this blazer from H&M. It’s a super related fit, nothing too over the top, but also looks very professional. The color is something fun and different. It’s appropriate for around the office, but also can showcase your personality and edgy style. You should probably own some more toned-down colors, but who says you can’t have some fun with this color!

Business/Straight-leg Pants

I instantly feel so professional as soon as I put a pair of these on. My personal favorite are the Pixie pants that Old Navy makes. They’re super comfortable and flattering on any body style. Pair them with flats or heels, and you’ll be comfortable all day. My closet includes these in some solids, like your stables of black, navy, and even an emerald green. I also have a couple that are patterned, which go great with a solid color blouse. These pants are great because by pairing them with different shirts, you can get so many different outfits out of them.

Here are an example of the Pixie pants by Old Navy. I think this pair in this blue color are such a staple. You should definitely opt for a classic black pair too, but I think these are perfect for a day where it may be a bit warmer, or you want a pop of color, but nothing too bright and bold.

Black Dress

Okay, not necessarily your classic “Little Black Dress,” but who says a classy black dress in the workplace can’t be functional? Something modest can be paired with various jewelry, shoes and cover-ups to make this one piece into many different outfit options. A great go-to, if you continuously pair this workforce basic with different accents, people won’t even realize it’s the same dress!

This black dress from H&M has just enough of an accent on it, with the gold buttons towards the middle of it. The blazer pictured above it could easily work on top of this, or even a bold pair of heels and matching jewelry. This dress is flattering, but modest enough for the workplace. With a higher neck and a longer length, this is appropriate but still fashion forward.


I love a warm, cozy cardigan. Maybe because I’m someone who is always cold, but having layers, especially in the professional world, is always a good idea. Offices and similar workspaces can have fluctuating temperatures inside, and cardigans allow for you to be able to control if you want to be a little warmer, or to cool down and take it off if needed. 

This Banana Republic cardigan is very simple, but it could do over almost any outfit. Leave this cardigan over your chair in the office, and you’ll always be set for those days when the office is just a bit chillier than usual. With the little pocket and super soft material, look at how comfy this looks! Be careful, you don’t want to fall asleep at it behind your computer!


Now, I’m not saying you can only wear flats. But you definitely want a pair of flats that will go with almost every outfit, to keep in your work bag or under your desk or in your car, so you can change into them on those days that you *thing* those cute new shoes will be comfortable all day, but they really aren’t. 

See Also

I can almost guarantee you these Steve Madden flats will go with almost everything in your wardrobe, and make a great addition to your workforce basics. They’re black which will match almost every outfit (I guess unless you wear all blue or brown, right?), and they’re leather, making them look much more professional. 

Simple Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those things that can help take a relatively basic outfit to the next level. This could be some statement earrings. Or a bold necklace that adds some color. Even some bangle bracelets that add sparkle to your look. If you’re like me, you have a couple pieces of pretty simple and dainty jewelry that you wear everyday. This is fine! Because then, when you wear something that makes more of a statement, it stands out even more, and brings your look up to the next level.

This watch by Fossil is another example of a piece of jewelry you should definitely be incorporating into your workforce basics. I think a watch increases your professional look by a ton. Some watches have bands that you can switch in and out for whatever look you are going for. I’m someone who wears an Apple Watch, and I wear a leather band when I’m going for my professional and put together looks. When I’m working out or it’s a casual day, I might put on one of my silicone bands instead. The other great thing about wearing a watch is you can countdown how much time left you have at work 😉 

These are just some examples of what workforce basics you should be adding to your wardrobe to bring your professionalism to the next level when entering the workforce. Like I mentioned, don’t be afraid to keep some of these workforce basics in your work bag or in your car so you’re always prepared for temperature, meetings, and comfort! 

Which of these workforce basics you excited to purchase? And where are you getting them? Let us know!

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Ashley Anglisano

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