5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

What comes to mind when you think of decorating that long-standing blank wall in your room? A wall gallery looks good but is an overrated idea. Decorating that blank wall feels like a burden so we’re here to help! No need to spend money and hire someone for expert advise.

Here are five wall decor ideas you can try at home that don’t require lots of money or time. From putting up colorful baskets to using wall brackets, these ideas will bring your walls to life!

Cluster Colorful Baskets

This is as simple as it sounds and created a colorful and bold look. Hanging a bunch of colorful baskets on that empty wall is a great way to spark life into it. Try out a possible arrangement of these baskets before you hang them up.

If finding a variety of colorful baskets is difficult, get simple ones of different sizes. Create your own designs by painting the basket interiors with basic craft paint. This also gives you the liberty to pick the color scheme that best suits your decor!

5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

Layer Giant Letters

A pair of oversized letters have a bold impact and creates a statement. Use two letters for a more artistic and visually attractive design. Slightly overlap the two letters to further increase the strength of the graphic statement wherever you put them. These easily available choices of wall decor can help you style your old tired wall!

5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

Make Your Own Dip-Painted Wall Sculpture

This may look difficult, but rest assured it’s not! You can make it at your own convenience and in the comfort of your home. All you need is an old farm implement or wood-handled cooking tools dipped in brightly colored paint. This brings a modern and creative look to your room. Doing it yourself gives you the liberty to pick what colors you feel will best compliment the rest of your room.

Making this wall sculpture with your friends or family not only beautifies the room but also adds an element of memorable emotion to the sculpture!

5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

 Tape Off a Graphic Statement Wall

This style demands a little more time, energy and precision than the others. Start off by painting the base color, then tape off sections in the style and design that you require. You can choose from a range of designs and patterns or even make your own.

Then paint the second coat of the desired color. Remove all tapes after the application of the second coat to create visually appealing wall decor!

Consider using a variety of lengths and widths of the tapes. The different elements add a little extra something to the art! You can also hang a painting or a photo on top of the art you created on the wall.

5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

Use Wall Brackets

Wall brackets are a great way to add dimension to the walls. Why just hang art on the wall when you can compliment and style it with wall brackets? They boost the visual interest, and their lightweight but sturdy surfaces give you the flexibility to move them around whenever you wish to change the look of your room. You can also style the brackets with a variety of decorations!

5 Wall Decor Looks That Will Spice Up An Empty Space

Share your wall decor ideas with us in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/dS62MvK4CtM
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