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10 Wall Decor Items To Make Your Dorm Room Stand Out

Wall decorations that stand out can take your new dorm room from looking like an unknown cement block to a comfortable, cozy bedroom. When you visit multiple dorms, you can start to see how all the rooms look very similar. So, when you walk into your room, you want to feel like your own unique space. Look over some of these wall decor items and see if you can add them to your dorm!

1. Tapestries, the big and easy wall piece

Tapestries are a great wall decor piece if you have a big, empty wall in your dorm and are not sure what to cover it with. These big walls are usually right by the bed or behind the desk in dorm rooms, and they tend to make the room feel smaller and the lighting to be off when it reflects off a blank wall. Tapestries are easy to put up because they are usually a lightweight fabric material, and require minimal effort as they can be hung up with thumbtacks or damage-free sticky tack. Tapestries also come in many different colors and designs, so you are sure to find a unique piece that fits you. Tapestries are the wall decore item that will make your room feel bigger, brighter and unique to you!

2. You can never go wrong with picture collages

Pictures collages are probably one of the most popular because they are easy, personal, and make your room the homiest. You can print off images, use developed ones, polaroids, album covers, really the list is endless. The list of how you can display these images is also endless. You can clip them on a string and drape them along the walls or ceilings, cut them into identical shapes and tape them to fit your wall perfectly, stick them to a corkboard, and so on. When you use personal images or even images that show your interests, this wall decor item will make your dorm stand out from all the others.

3. Add some elegance to your string lights

You’ve probably seen images of people stringing their dorm room walls with Christmas lights over and over again. There’s a reason this is so popular because it makes your room look and feel magical! The option to replace the dingy lighting with a more colorful or brighter one is very appealing. However, to make your room stand out, we suggest you try new, creative ways to display them. First, try getting non-Christmas style lights. I’m talking about the regular, single-bulb lights. Instead, get icicle lights, the giant bulb lights that are made for the outdoors or the ones with fabric globes around each light. There are many different kinds of lights than the regular, plain, twinkle lights you’ve seen a million times before. Second, hang them in different ways other than along the top of the walls. Hang them in a zig-zag pattern along with the ceiling, in straight lines on an empty wall to make them a focal point of your room, or in an intricate pattern around photos or other wall decor items. Finally, you can add things to your lights to spruce them up. For example, you can weave fake greenery, flowers, or fabric through your string lights. This will add some elegance and uniqueness to your lights and therefore create a more whimsical feel to your room.

4. Upgrade from your whiteboard

Letterboards are the newest decor trend and would work perfectly in a dorm room. Instead of having a whiteboard where you or your friends could display cute or funny messages, try a letter board. These are usually black, felt boards that come with letters that you can stick in on the felt. These boards look classier, neat and make your messages more candid.

5. Bring nature to your room

Similar to lights, we want you to take plants and flowers to a whole new level for your room. Yes, plants that are in a pot are great to have in your room, however, we want your room to stand out so let’s try displaying nature in totally a new way. You can string and hang flowers and other greenery in pattern or shape on a blank wall in your room. This will make it a focal point and bring life to your whole room. You can use fake or real flowers for this, however fake is recommended so you can keep the color and vibrancy of the nature alive all the time, plus it’s a lot less messy in the long run.

6. Window frames to open up your room

Window frames can be a great wall decor item, especially if your dorm doesn’t have any or small windows. These frames not only give the appearance of a window but they make the room feel bigger and add some dimension to the walls as they are 3-D compared to a poster or picture. Window frames come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be decorated with pictures, lights, plants, and more!

7. Classic picture frames with modern images

That’s right, your old picture frames can be refurbished with a coat of paint and a classy new image to put inside. Take any old frame, if it looks like it needs a paint job, don’t be afraid to take spray paint to it, or leave it alone if you like the rustic look. Replace the picture with new images such as words of encouragement, a quote or a nice landscape. You can simply go online and find something you like or make the image yourself if you’re good at photo editing. These are unique little details that will help your room stand out.

8. Change it up with a homemade yarn wall

For this one, you’re going to want to put your creative hat on. Yarn decor is in and it’s a lot easier than it looks. There are many tutorials online for making one of these yarn items and they come in all different sizes and designs. This wall decor item can soften your room by bringing a simple, neutral element to the mix. Wouldn’t it be great to tell someone that you actually made this piece that’s hanging in your room all by yourself?!

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9. Geometric shapes just for fun

Geometric shapes are a very popular trend in interior design at the moment. The great thing about these is that you can buy them or make them yourself with some wire from your local craft store. They can be any shape and added to a picture display or be spruced up with some greenery. These are nice little accents to complete any dorm room.

10. Mirror, mirror

Most of you will want a full-length mirror for your dorm room, which is a given. But making mirrors a part of your wall decor can really make your room stand out. These mirror decorations can be any shape or size and in displayed in any design you’d like. The mirrors make the room feel bigger, the ceilings slightly higher and the room brighter because of all the reflections.

Make your dorm stand out with some amazing wall decor. Which one of these are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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