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10 Wall Decor Ideas Perfect For Autumn

Autumn is here and so are new home decor ideas. If you’re looking to spice up your entire home to give it a new seasonal look try out these wall decor ideas to get you started. Not only will these ideas make your home feel like you’re living inside a pumpkin spice latte, but they are all also easily be transformed into wall decor ideas for the other seasons.

1. Hanging Flower Baskets

Just because the leaves may be changing color doesn’t mean you have to stop admiring their beauty. Hanging flower baskets filled with fall colored flowers and evergreen plants. You will be able to keep the fresh look of summer even when it is cold outside. Wall decor ideas like these hanging plants will last all autumn long and can be changed out to fit each season.

2. Clipboards

Don’t just hang your photos in an ordinary photo frame. These wall decor ideas are meant to spice up regular ideas and transform your home. Break out some vintage clipboards and past your photos onto them. These hang on your wall just like photo frames but don’t take up as much room.

3. White Board

You have ideas and you need the space to write them down. Ditch the pen and paper for a wall covered from top to bottom with a whiteboard. You don’t have to write down match equations like you’re an employee at Google to make these wall decor ideas work for you.

Take your whiteboard as a white canvas, you can change your design every day. Draw flowers, mountains, inspirational quotes or whatever else you feel turns on your inner artist.

4. Photo Collage

Your memories are important to you and you think they look displayed in your home. If you’re looking for wall decor ideas that help you showcase these images then try a photo collage. You can make them complex with different sizes of images hanging or something simple by sticking them to a pinboard. Get creative and have fun.

5. Color Blocks

Color blocks can help make your home look chic and festive for the new season. If you pick a color that matches your home you can have a lot of fun with this wall decor idea. Chose a color, change the gradient, shade, and size of your color blocks for a more whimsey.

6. Calendar

There is nothing cooler than being organized. If you want to stay on top of your game and stay organized this fall, then invest in a wall calendar. It’ll look great and help you stay productive.

7. Framed Sayings

You want your home to give you inspiration and make you feel like you’re in an inviting space. What better way to encourage creativity than to hang your favorite inspirational sayings on a wall? Pick out some of your favorite quotes and have them printed and framed for you to display proudly. Not only will these images give you confidence, but they also look great and can be designed any way you like.

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8. Shelves

If you have a blank wall but no idea what to do with it. The first thing you should consider when re-designing your home for autumn is putting up some shelves. Creating a shelving unit in your home can give you multiple options for different home decor ideas. By placing shelves on a blank wall you can now place photo frames, plants, DVDs, travel souvenirs to be admired by everyone.

9. Dresser

Dressers give you similar options to shelves, but you have more options to move this unit around. Pick out a beautifully colored dresser that will fit perfectly in your space. This will also give you options to display your trinkets in your home without sticking them to your wall.

10. Tapestry

Wall tapestries can make for a tasteful wall decoration that can make your home feel festive and cozy. Wall tapestries are a thin sheet or blanket that hangs on your wall like a curtain. You can purchase them in multiple different sizes and styles to match your unique house. T

he important thing to remember about these home decor ideas is to make sure you iron your tapestry. Otherwise, your home will end up looking like a dorm room!

Have fun with these fun wall decor ideas this autumn and make your home feel brand new. They will make your home feel new again and you won’t have to change much every season.

Do you have any favorite wall decor ideas? Comment below!

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