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Wacky Activities To Participate In At Olivet Nazarene University

Wacky Activities To Participate In At Olivet Nazarene University

Olivet Nazarene University has many different activities to encourage students to get involved in. If this list were about all the activities, you’ll be here all day. This list is about the wacky and fun activities to participate in for Olivet Nazarene University’s students!

1. Wacky Games

As part of Ollies Follies, the wacky games are…well, wacky! During this hour an half to a two-hour game, each of the classes competes with games to play during this time. Each game asks for a group of men and women to compete and you can compete in these games as well! All you have to do is get to the front of the stands and raise your hand and see if your student body will pick you!

Some of these games can be a bit messy or deal with your body strength! Some even go as far as bouncing on a ball while playing soccer! Of course, the most popular wacky game is the Tire Pile where students run to the center of a field and try to grab as many tires to bring it back to their corner. If you want to play this game, make sure to volunteer early. They pick players towards the end of the games since it is the last game to play! Get ready to scream your lungs out and cheer for your fellow students in these wacky games!

Wacky Activities To Participate In At Olivet Nazarene University


2. Variety Show

As the ending to the Ollies Follies, each class has to come up with a video and a dance routine to show off to the student body! Of course, make sure the video and dance are appropriate since it is a Christian college. This video and dance will be based on the theme of your class! For example, if the overall theme of Ollies Follies is Seasons, each of the classes will get a theme to represent it. 

There are rehearsal days and times during the first few weeks of school to practice the routine. By the end, come ready to dance and show off to your fellow classmates! Yes, you’ll be performing in front of the entire student body and some professors! Your classmates will watch the video and dance, watching how they both connect to each other. A night of fun, drama, and laughter…maybe not the drama.

Wacky Activities To Participate In At Olivet Nazarene University

3. Paint Wars

Do you love throwing paint everywhere? Or do you want to have a paint war with your friends? This activity is for you! Every other year, Olivet Nazarene University has an activity labeled Paint Wars, where friends can get into teams of ten and throw paint at other teams. There is no competition and no winners but just fun by throwing paint everywhere and at each other! Each person gets a rag they soak in their paint bucket and then they all whip the rags at their friends or classmates!


Of course, it isn’t just throwing paint around for two hours. There are certain mini-games played throughout before it becomes a free-for-all. There is an activity called ‘Protect the Queen.’ In this mini-game, one member of your team is voted as a Queen and they stand in the center. The other team members protect the queen from opposing teams trying to get the queen covered in paint! 

After everything is done, you can get your picture taken with your friends upfront, but beware, you’ll get splattered with more paint during the picture being taken! If you live in the dorms, make sure to be the first person back to claim one of the showers for you’ll be competing with other people wanting to clean off all the paint!

Wacky Activities To Participate In At Olivet Nazarene University

4. Rec City Color Run

If the Paint Wars seem too extreme for you, you can always try the Color Run. This run takes place around the college of Olivet Nazarene University. Throughout the run, there are stations were colors are sprayed at you from a bottle! Make sure you close your mouth, the paint is not a pleasant experience! You can choose to run, walk, or a combination of both.

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Just like with the paint wars, if you live in a dorm, make sure to be one of the first people to get back. For after the Color Run is over, everyone is going to be wanting to shower to get rid of the paint! This color run also happens every other year so be sure to take advantage of this wonderful and colorful run!

5. Candy Costume Contest

The weekend before Halloween, Olivet Nazarene University does a neat event for those that want to dress up. In this event, you and your friends can dress up in costumes and go to the Candy Costume Contest! At the contest, there are different groups that are judged for their costumes. Solos, duos, small groups, and large groups are the main categories so you can decide if you want to do this solo or with friends. In each category, everyone who wants to participate will step up onto the stage for everyone to see what costume they are wearing!

Each category has a third, second, and first place winners that are picked by a panel of judges. These members are usually staff members, RDs, and professors so there is no bias in the judging of the costumes. Of course, there is candy to be picked before, during, and after the event so you can grab as much candy as you want! Again, make sure these costumes are appropriate for you don’t want to be denied going on the stage because the costume is inappropriate. Trust me, it has happened before.


6. Mr. ONU

This event is for the men at Olivet Nazarene University. In the winter, two men from each class are picked to participate in making a small movie, a fashion show, a small performance, and a question and answer. It’s almost like a pageant show, but for men. There is a small panel of judges that observe the show but the audience can also choose who they want to win! That’s right, you have a vote too!

At the end of the whole show, use your phones to send in a text message to vote for the guy you want to win as Mr. ONU. The judges take all of the votes and tally them up then the winner is announced. The winner claims his title as Mr. ONU for the year and, in the next year, the winner can compete again to keep his title. This event is fun and enjoyable so come with your friends to enjoy the show!

Which Olivet Nazarene University wacky activity do you want to take part in? Share us your thoughts in the comments below, especially is you are or were an Olivet student!

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