Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion

The best skin care routine starts from within. It’s important to provide your body with the proper vitamins and nutrients – of course, this is best achieved through a healthy diet. Sometimes we come up short and opt for pizza instead, and that’s okay! Incorporating certain key vitamins into your diet can have a huge impact on your skin! Often our faces are a reflection of our internal system and all the serums in the world can’t fix poor health. Here are some vitamins you can take for a glowing complexion.


If you’re struggling with acne then l-lysine might be your saving grace. L-lysine is an amino acid that acts as a “building block” for your body. Historically the vitamin has been used to treat cold sores, either internally or topically. L-lysine’s anti-inflammatory properties have a similar effect on acne. While there isn’t a tone of scientific research surrounding l-lysine and acne, many people have had great success taking it. It’s also completely safe and l-lysine toxicity is extremely rare. You have nothing to lose by trying it out. The recommended dose is around 1000 mg daily and it may take a couple of weeks to see results. You can learn about the science of l-lysine from Organic Olivia.

*Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion


Many studies have found that individuals battling acne often have zinc deficiencies. Though this treatment is still debated among dermatologists, there are numerous studies and personal accounts that highlight the benefits of zinc. Zinc also seems to be helpful as a topical treatment for inflamed breakouts. The mineral’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the number of breakouts. While this treatment is still debated, it’s worth trying! Our bodies only need a small amount of zinc, about 30 mg a day.

*Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion


Collagen is the best supplement to take if you’re after a youthful, glowing complexion – which we all are. The essential protein can help maintain the elasticity of your skin, making it a great anti-aging treatment. Collagen is essential in order for the skin to properly repair itself. Luckily there are a ton of collagen forms available. Vital proteins make an excellent collagen powder in flavors like mint, lavender, and matcha. Collagen also supports gut health, bone health, and hair health. There are some accounts that claim that collagen promoted cystic acne on their face, but everyone is different. There is an equal number of accounts saying it cured their hormonal breakouts.

*Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil has been used to battle hormonal breakouts for years now. The supplement is made of essential omega-6 fatty acids needed for the overall health of our skin. Research suggests that the supplement can improve overall skin appearance. Many women take primrose oil as a natural way to balance their hormones and control their PMS symptoms. It’s important to take a high-quality evening primrose oil derived from natural fish oil. Thrive Market, Jane Iredale, and Nordic Naturals have great quality supplements.

*Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion


The Indian spice, Tumeric has been used in skin care for ages for its anti-inflammatory properties. This antioxidant can calm breakouts, cold sores, rosacea, and any other inflammatory skin condition. Turmeric has also been shown to help relieve joint or muscle pain. Indian Actress, Priyanka Chopra showed Vouge viewers how to make her favorite body scrub with turmeric powder. Of course, cooking with turmeric is the best way to benefit from its healing properties, but there are supplements available. Vimerson Health sells a great turmeric supplement on Amazon. You can also try a liquid form from Global Healing Center or turmeric tea.

*Vitamins You Can Take For A Glowing Complexion

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