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10 Virtual Workouts You Need To Try If You Want To Break A Sweat

10 Virtual Workouts You Need To Try If You Want To Break A Sweat

Working out does not have to be done in the gym! Whether your gym is closed or you canceled your membership due to the pandemic, you can work out wherever and whenever. Here are 10 virtual workouts that you need to try if you want to break a sweat!

1. Peloton Digital

Peloton is best known for its cycling and running equipment, but their expertise does not stop there! With the Peloton Digital app, you have access to all of Peloton’s classes including strength, yoga, meditation, HIIT, walking, and much more!

The app is downloaded on your phone or can be accessed from any sort of laptop to give you complete access to a long list of virtual workouts that are for sure going to make you break a sweat! You can take your new app on the go, so lack of access is not an excuse; go and get those gains, girl!


2. Orange Theory

You no longer have to go to the studio to get your Orange Theory workout in! OT now offers a daily virtual workout class online. The awesome thing is that these workouts are offered to members and non-members and are free to the public.

Give Orange Theory a try at home before you commit or try out a class in person. Get comfortable with the movements, vocabulary, and structure with these virtual workouts as you grow stronger mentally and physically!


3. Beachbody

After 20+ years in the workout and fitness field, Beachbody is a well-known workout program that many have used to achieve their workout goals. The program can be streamed on most smart TVs and through your phone on an app. 

Workouts will range from cardio to lifting weights along with nutritional plans that will have you getting super strong at home. Beachbody offers a free trial for you to try out to see if BB is a good fit for your fitness journey and schedule! 


4. Kayla Itsines

Home to the Bikini Body Guide, Kayla Itsines will guide you as your build your strength for that beach-ready body. Kayla offers various programs at various lengths so you can challenge and meet your fitness goals with the BBG programs!

BBG offers short workouts that will make good use of your valuable time so that you can get your workout in whenever you need to. Available online or on your phone app, Kayla Itsines will have you feeling stronger than ever before!



5. Sydney Cummings

Get strong at home with Sydney Cummings on her YouTube channel every single day! This girl uploads a workout every day for her subscribers that ranges from jump ropes, dumbbells, resistance bands, and kettlebells to build up your strength and endurance.

If you are lacking in the equipment department, have no worries! Sydney has tons of options that do not involve any equipment but still will give you a great virtual workout! 


6. Popsugar Fitness

Wanting to try something new? Popsugar has a large range of virtual workout options that will help you stay lean and strong during your time at home! Popsugar invites various instructors from different backgrounds to show you another way to get your body moving.

Popsugar posts a workout plan every week to their social media for their followers to follow with the new workouts of the week and rest days for your muscles to rest up after each workout. Popsugar Fitness is available on YouTube, Instagram, or on the App Store so you can get your workout in whenever you can. You might even find a new way of working out that you love!


7. Jeanette Jenkins

Build up your endurance and strength with Jeanette Jenkins on her platform, The Hollywood Trainer. Jeanette Jenkins has all sorts of content available on the Internet and YouTube to get your heartbeat up, in addition to her own virtual platform!

Jeanette will teach you proper form and various exercises that you may not be familiar with but that you will learn to love and appreciate. From kickboxing to strength, and to stretching, Jeanette will get you toned and looking great while working out from home.

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8. Blogilates

Blogilates instructor, Cassey leads her loyal YouTube subscribers in workouts, stretches, and challenges that incorporate light cardio, strength, and pilates. The creator credits her own weight loss to diet and her workouts to inspire others to work out and grow stronger with her approach.

Cassey recently released her own line of pilates and strength equipment for purchase that will add some color and excitement to your workout. During her workouts, Cassey offers modifications, form fixes, and other tips to ensure proper technique while using Blogilates at home!


9. Calm App

Being strong does not always have to do with lifting weights and running miles, but sometimes it is about taking care of your mind and mental health. The Calm App offers guided meditation, breathing techniques, and much more to help build your mental strength.

This app is free with some options that are available for purchase. To rest up from your other virtual workouts and sweat sessions, Calm has Sleep Stories and sound machines to help ease your body to sleep and catch some Zzz’s!


10. Apple Fitness+

The newly released workout platform is a new take on working out at home, all brought to you by Apple. To access Apple Fitness+, you will need your Apple Watch to connect to your phone, laptop, or TV so that you can see your heart rate during your workout.

Apple Fitness+ offers a range of workouts from HIIT to yoga, giving you an endless amount of options for building your strength at home. You can take your workouts outside with Apple Fitness+ as the platform offers audio-guided workouts for walking or running. Close your rings with Apple Fitness+ and meet your goals!


How are you building your strength up at home? Who are your favorite virtual workout platform instructors that get you moving and breaking a sweat? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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