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Virtual Wedding Outfits That Look Stylish And Feel Comfy

Virtual Wedding Outfits That Look Stylish And Feel Comfy

There is nothing in the world that can come between a pair of lovebirds, and that includes a worldwide pandemic. Amidst all of the social distancing orders and limitations on gatherings, people have found innovative ways to marry the human they love, and technology is lending a helping hand. Many school systems, colleges, and workplaces have all made the temporary, yet necessary step towards virtual learning, working and even celebrating. Families used platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, and Skype to spend the holidays together, despite the distance. Now, some people are even having virtual weddings, and if this happens to be one of the couples in your life, you’ll need the perfect outfit for your virtual attendance!


Virtual weddings are great for the guests; you don’t have to pay for your expensive meal, you don’t have to travel to the venue, and you can get away with wearing your comfiest pair of dress pants, a skirt, or even a nice pair of leggings if you pair it with the right blouse. Since the wedding is virtual, and those in attendance will pretty much only be seen from the waist up, pants aren’t the key to these outfits. Instead, find yourself a gorgeous blouse like one of the ones below, and absolutely rock your virtual wedding outfits!


This adorable ruffle sleeve top from 1.STATE is a perfect choice for someone who wants to look modest, yet flirty. The high smocked neck keeps it classy while the black and floral pattern, as well as the short ruffled sleeves, add a touch of flirt and flair. Order it from Nordstrom for just $35.40, while it’s still on sale! Pair this blouse with a simple pair of black dress pants to create a simple yet comfortable and stylish virtual wedding outfit!



For those of you who prefer a brighter, more upbeat wardrobe, CeCe’s Orange Maple Clip-Dot top may be the one for you! This top features a simple uniform look, as the entire blouse is one color. However, to add a bit of intrigue, the blouse is textured with soft raised dots to give the innocent blouse a sophisticated feel. The neckline is pleated but allows for a slight shy glance at the chest which gives this beautifully bright blouse a bohemian vibe. Pair it with a flowy skirt with orange accents to truly bring the outfit to life! Order from Macy’s to get 45% off and pay just $47.40!



While, arguably, the bottom half of your outfit simply isn’t as noticeable as the top half is during a virtual wedding, it is still important to look your best. It is a wedding after all, whether it’s online or in person. Here’s a couple of options to compliment the blouses above, while keeping the theme of comfort and style alive!


Loveappella’s Wide Leg Crop Pants are not only loose and free, but they’re soft and stylish at the same time. They have an elastic waistband and feature a “drapey” waist tie to compliment the simplicity of the look. In the black color, they would go swimmingly with the 1.STATE floral ruffle sleeve top from above. The blouse offers just the right amount of color to the outfit, making it perfect for the person who wants to look nice but stay lowkey and simple. These pants are currently on sale at Nordstrom for $48.30, so get them while you still can!



GUESS makes some of the most stylish young adult clothes money can buy. This Nina skirt is no different. Not too long, not too short, Nina falls just above the knee, and features a beautiful pastel blossom pattern with a gorgeous crochet trim. With hints of light orange hidden amongst the gentle flowers, this skirt is the perfect companion to the CeCe’s blouse above! Sweet yet simple, this outfit is sure to impress anyone. Order from Macy’s for 60% off and pay only $42.72, while the sale lasts!

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If you’re not in love with the idea of choosing a blouse, just to then have to go back and try to find the perfect bottoms to match, a dress or a set may be the option for you! Get your whole outfit in one purchase and look perfectly put together and matchy-matchy when you buy a perfect dress or two-piece set as your virtual wedding outfit.

Free People

Free People is a totally boho-chic clothing brand that boasts flowy and free designs that combine both comfort and cuteness. When looking for that perfect outfit with just a little bit of flair, Free People is the brand for you. Virtual wedding outfits are tough, because everyone onscreen is likely only going to be able to see the top half of your body at any given time, so if you’re wearing a dress, you want the personality of the whole ensemble to be visible. This Love Of My Life midi dress is the optimal design for comfort and camera view. While made entirely of simple cotton, the dress catches attention with it deep neckline and sleeve cuff ties, coming together to give the look a bit of personality. Free People is one of the pricier brands on the list, so this dress retails on the Free People website for a hefty $108. However, you can occasionally find Free People clothing on sale at Macy’s or Nordstrom!



While you may think of surfing and swimming when you hear the name O’Neill, alongside their wonderful collection of beachwear and wetsuits is a collection of stylish and practical outfits. A great choice for someone who doesn’t like wearing dresses (let’s be honest, I think we’ve all been there) is the Nickie floral jumpsuit by O’Neill. The jumpsuit features a pretty blue-toned floral pattern, and has pockets! The wide V-neck offers the opportunity to wear an eye-catching necklace and make the outfit look really sophisticated! This is yet another option on this list of perfect virtual wedding outfits to keep you looking stylish but feeling comfy! Find the Nickie jumpsuit in Insignia Blue on O’Neill’s website while it’s on sale for just $48.99!

Tell us which of these virtual wedding outfits is going to find its way into your closet in the comments below!

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