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Your Virgo 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Your Virgo 2018 Yearly Horoscope

Virgo 2018 Yearly Horoscope and Virgo 2018 love horoscope is here. Find out what the year 2018 has in store for you. The 2018 astrological shifts are making big moves towards your yearly horoscope so expect shifts, transformations and setbacks in 2018.

New friendships, creative projects and fresh ideas are all on your 2018 yearly horoscope agenda Virgo. This year you are no longer allowed to stay in and be a hermit. This New Year brings you a surprising social agenda or you’re finally in the mood to pop up and mingle. Friendship is a primary theme of 2018 for you Virgo. This is the year you could get in involved in a community or media project that allows you to showcase your creativity. During the first half of the year you should be ready to welcome new people into your life. The second part of 2018 has you traveling about. Big things are in the stars for you and your Virgo 2018 yearly horoscope!

Virgo 2018 Yearly Horoscope Overview

If you’re looking for a new place to call home – you very well might find something at the end of the year. The best way to feel out some new cities is to rent an Airbnb and get your lay of the land I you truly want to move to another part of town or another city. See what it’s like to live there for a week so you can get a better feel for what the city has to offer before settling on a decision. That’s not the only thing that offers big changes; love. Your love life could get serious this year but you should keep in mind that doesn’t mean having fun. 2018 is a year to up your standards. Keep in mind you don’t want to build a wall around your heart so keep your heart open to love.

Creative Virgos, your 2018 horoscope encourages getting serious about any creative projects you have been brainstorming. Find yourself a mentor, agent or a public place where you can showcase your talent. It will truly benefit you this year. If you’ve considered investing in your own media or marketing materials, you should. Tap into your true potential in 2018. You’ve got nothing to fear. In fact, 2018 is your year to get intense and go after what you want. Your ruling planet Mercury goes into retrograde three times this year, all in fire signs. Each retrograde will spark your sever passion about life and yourself. Get ready for everything to finally fall into place thanks to the 2018 cosmos. Earth signs will empower you this year as Uranus enters Taurus which helps keep your finances afloat and reliable. When Mars goes into retrograde in Capricorn from April to early September, your career and social lives will get powerful. 2018 is a busy year for you Virgo so expect it.


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Love won’t be your center focus in 2018 which isn’t a bad thing. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Expansive Jupiter is in your social third house so single Virgos can enjoy lighthearted dates and fun flings. If you do find yourself wanting to commit, check all your options out first. As for those Virgos in relationships, maintain your relationship and keep the flame burning by indulging in new hobbies. Even getting involved in your community will keep your relationship, and life, fresh. One of the reasons you do not want to rush into anything is because serious Saturn spends time in your romantic fifth house for the next three years. You have every right to be even more picky than usual. Never settle.

Your Virgo 2018 love horoscope truly has romance looming throughout the year but it will benefit to have your energy on alert at all times. During the beginning of the year emotional tensions might be at an all-time high during January and February. Focus on practicing acts of compassion. You will be fortunate enough to meet someone you find to be fascinating but like always, you’ll meet a lot of people who are eager for attention. During March and April, you will have a fun romantic life and idealistic promises handed to you. Figure out how to sort through these prospects. The Venus retrograde in October will have you picking and choosing people at your own pace which is when your 2018 love horoscope is at its peak. Substantial romance offers will find their way to you by November of 2018.

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Your Virgo career horoscope is shaping up to be something special in 2018. Now is your chance to be loud and proud. Get your message out to the masses in 2018 Virgo. Outspoken Jupiter will be in your communication until November. Spend time writing, teaching and discovering your media sweet spots. There is no more hiding in the cards for you – you’re brilliant and you need to let it be known. In fact, your intelligence and diligence will change people’s lives for the better. In May tech-savy Uranus moves into your ninth house of global connections and will be there for eight years. Saturn will be in your creativity zone until 2020 so this truly is a time to build a loyal fan base if you are a writer. Your career horoscope of 2018 is impeccable Virgo.

Work and money are at the forefront of your agenda all 2018 and it’s in a good way. Use 2018 to put forth more effort in your finances and career than you realize; it will come naturally to you. The Virgo New Year starts with a full moon in Pluto and Mars as they are conjunct. Start the year willing to make big changes to your life. Your instincts and intuition are a lot higher and you’re a better judge of character right now. Use this to motivate you to find the best opportunities possible. If a window of opportunity comes knocking on your door in April, you’ll be ready. You are already a fairly practical person when it comes to your finances. Any clever ideas you have could pay off in July. Towards the end of 2018, use that time to Network and form alliances throughout October and November. Various retrogrades of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will up your wisdom and up the odds being in your favor for success.

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