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10 Virginia Tech Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Virginia Tech Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Who doesn’t love Instagram? The social media app allows users to share pictures & videos easily, connecting friends around the world. Now, I’m sure you already follow many accounts, here are 10 Virginia Tech Instagram accounts that you should be following!

1. @VTechvspink

It’s clear that Victoria Secret Pink loves Virginia Tech… and we love them too. They have made Hokie apparel that is cute and comfortable.  

Recently, VT won their campus showdown by participating in a number of activities involving social media and we are being awarded with a Chainsmokers concert on the Drillfield!!! 


2. @nathanzed

Nathan Zedd is a VT student, Youtuber and social activist. His videos are super entertaining and he always seems to provide a unique insight into life ideas.


3. @thebandconcord

If you like live music then following this account is a must. The Band Concord is absolutely awesome. The members met while they were at VT! Their music is folk but almost sounds like indie, and their stage presence and attitudes are very down to earth. On their Insta, you can keep up with their show dates!


4. @hokiesports

Keeping up with the athletic schedule at Virginia Tech is a hard task. Luckily, this account makes it easier. You can view pictures of the latest athletic events and if you need a play-by-play, usually reading the comments will do the trick.


You probably should follow this account for the important announcements and academic events but you definitely should follow this account for the babies and dogs dressed in Hokie gear. 

6. @thevtu

Follow the Virginia Tech Union to stay on top of on campus events like concerts!



7. @humansofvirginiatech

Follow Humans of Virginia Tech for great life stories of VT students!

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8. @spoon_vt

Spoon University’s VT chapter, featuring delicious food enjoyed by VT students around campus.

Disclaimer: These last two aren’t Virginia Tech Instagram accounts, but are still worth following!


9. @collegehotbites

Food so good looking that these pictures will make you want to devour your phone screen.


Pro tip: You can submit pictures of your own hot bites to be featured on the page!


10. @rmdrk

R.M. Drake is a self-published author who has over 1 million followers on Instagram. His quotes are very meaningful and can provide great inspiration to make your day great.

What Virginia Tech Instagram Accounts do you recommend following? Comment below and share the article!
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