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10 Vintage Styles Women Still Wear Today

10 Vintage Styles Women Still Wear Today

Throughout the decades, certainly between the 1950s to 1990s, clothes have made an impact on fashion all across the world. Without a doubt, there were trendsetters flaunting their new kicks and dancing around in their dresses. Did you know such clothes and shoes have been brought through time and altered to fit modern day? When you think of vintage, you picture old and out dated styles. If you think some outfits were hideous back then, just wait until you see the newer and improved versions. We all love a feeling of nostalgia once in a while. Going through this list, you might notice that some styles may have stuck around for a really long time. Here are 10 Vintage Styles Women Still Wear Today.

1. Grunge

Grunge denotes two meanings: the rock music genre and the fashion that hit the streets once inspired by that music. In the 1980s, Seattle sparked a trend which defined the city’s historically vintage roots.

To get the grunge-inspired look, all you need is a pair of ripped jeans (which definitely made a comeback, an oversized sweater or plaid button up, a beanie, and a pair of Dr. Martens shoes. Dr. Martens, by the way, opened up a retailer in Seattle, WA. Baggy T-shirts and button up shirts today made their way to casual clothing.


2. Overalls

While denim overalls were first created in the 1890s by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, they were remarkably worn throughout the 1990s. One hundred years later, people came to love their invention. This vintage style today is worn with a plain t-shirt, tank top, or sweatshirt. Some have been altered to overall shorts as opposed to pants.

When you head out to enjoy the sun, throw on some overalls and be on your way. Not only do overalls ease dressing in the morning, but it minimizes the need to put on a lot of clothing pieces.


3. Crop Tops

Making its way to fashion in the 1970s, the crop top is still being worn today. Because of the timeframe, women were forbidden to wear such scandalous tops and were strictly told to cover up. Inspired by Eastern countries, despite the restrictions, crop tops slowly but continuously made its way to American and European clothing manufacturers. The idea hit the shelves in 1893 and later, the 1940s, and 1980s to 1990s.

Western women have embraced the change in clothing choices throughout the century. Restrictions and morality on fashion conflicted with the crop top phenomena in the early 2000s. Nevertheless, the comeback pulled through.


4. High-Waisted Denim Jeans

In the 1940’s and 1950’s, the company Levi’s created denim jeans for all women to wear. During the Hollywood era of the 1960s and 1970s, bell-bottom high-waisted jeans were worn by women endlessly. Marilyn Monroe was the woman to thank for the style that was carried into the 2000s and later. High-waisted jeans are worn by women, accentuating their figures and they have become comfortable in jeans.

Today, pair high-waisted jeans with a tucked in t-shirt or a dressy blouse. These jeans are sometimes with a long coat as well, such as a trench coat.


5. Slip Dress

In continuation of 90s Fashion, the slip dress was probably a simple yet stylish vintage garment to wear. Designers such as Calvin Klein did not hesitate to create this timepiece. Whether it had a tight or loose fitting, women chose to wear a slip dress on nights out. You can find a slip dress in nearly any store you visit today.

Decades ago, shimmer was the most wanted design. Now, you can get a slip dress with all kinds of colors and patterns. Slip dresses vary by usage. There are maxi, sun, mini, seamless, high platform, and more.


6. Romper

With similarity to overalls and jumpsuits, the romper originated as child’s clothing before transitioning to fit women’s sizes. In the early 1900s, rompers were referred to as pinafores (apron-like and sleeveless). Regardless of being childlike, rompers have been altered over time to be age-appropriate for women. Some rompers have been trimmed to form skirts as alternatives to dresses.

In the 1970s. jumpsuits have become the cousins of rompers. With functional long pant legs, the rompers were exchanged for jumpsuits for festive pursuits. Today, rompers and jumpsuits are worn in accordance to occasion and weather changes. Rompers have become summer outfits while jumpsuits could alternate by taste of style. In addition to the type of fabric.


7. Midi Skirt

As if skirts weren’t scandalous enough, lengths varied throughout the 1940s and 1950s when introducing the midi skirt. While over the knees and above the ankles, the midi skirt became a rather controversial garment due to its showing of the ankles. Women intended to wear the midi skirt as a business casual garment, presenting poise and sense of style.

By the 1970s, the midi skirt was shortened to become the mini skirt, an even more shocking revelation which changed the way women were viewed. Today, the midi skirt is still used as a more formal piece of clothing. However, it comes with different designs and can also be worn on any occasion.

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8. Mary Jane Pumps

Brought into the 1930s, Mary Jane pumps were named after a comic book character by the same name from Buster Brown by Richard Outcault. Such shoes were originally worn by young men and came in any color. When Mary Jane shoes were appointed toward young girls and women, Shirley Temple was the first little girl to rise the shoes to fame.


Today, the shoes have been made to fit women’s sizes with different shapes, width, and color. In media, Mary Janes were featured in Sex and the City, Clueless, and Alice in Wonderland. Mary Janes can be found at Nordstrom and DSW.

9. Platform Heels

The idea of platform heels came into existence as early as 220 B.C. when Greek actors had worn cork-made sandals to denote high status of each actor. The 1930s and 1970s created more modern versions of platform heels in all shades and sizes. Quite often in the 1970s, platform heels were worn on the dance floor.


Today, length and durability still have been the main focus of these shoes. Whether you wear them to seem higher, to look taller, or to have a good time, they can be tricky to sink into. Platform heels have been shaped and shined to look as contemporary as possible. These are the type of high heels that any daring woman would wear.

10. Converse High Tops

Converse High Tops, also known as Chucks or Chuck Taylors, were invented in the early twentieth century. The goal was to enhance flexibility and ankle support for the shoes’ sport use. While both men and women wear these shoes today, they were originally intended for men to wear. Up until the 1990s, the success of Converse and its trend faded and came into light constantly.


For the longest time, Converse was branded as the basketball shoe. After the company’s purchase by Nike in 2003, Converse shoes stuck around regardless of lawsuits and various disagreeable shoe designs. All across the U.S. and other countries, Converse shoes are sold in malls everywhere.

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