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5 Vintage Handbags Of All Time

Since the early 2000s, and even back further, you may have seen a few of these vintage handbags in stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom. It’s nice to think they are kept in a highly secured vault and placed away for safekeeping. Let’s see if you can recognize these fashion gems which are still being flaunted by the vintage enthusiasts of today. You may also recognize that styles have been repurposed and redesigned for modern handbag shoppers and longtime brand ambassadors at heart. Of course, prices are still relatively high. Although, that does not mean we aren’t free to look and admire the beauty of these purses. Here are the 5 Vintage Handbags Of All Time.

1. Chanel Black Lambskin Classic Double Flap Medium

First on this list, is the Chanel Black Lambskin Classic Double Flap Medium. Also, in other sizes, this shoulder bag by Coco Chanel is probably the most iconic handbag. Thinking back, the most notable to carry around such a classic (pun intended), was heiress and socialite Paris Hilton. Headlined for days, you wouldn’t see her without carrying some type of Chanel handbag. Owning vintage handbags was her calling. Lambskin leather has become a sort of trademark material for Chanel handbags as it shows a sleek leather finish. Not to mention, the design can be paired with any outfit and as a whole, the handbag would outmatch other types of leather.

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2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Mini HL Speedy

Louis Vuitton is phenomenally known around the world as the go-to French handbag. For years, people have purchased handbags detailed with the infamous design and logo which people know today. As the canvas tote and shoulder bags become more prominent in the fashion world, the beloved vintage handbag is the Monogram Canvas Mini HL Speedy. If you look through the Louis Vuitton website, you may see that there are several mini bags, and a lot of variations of the “Speedy” handbag. From small to large, the canvas handbag has become a favorite in mini size due to the appearance and durability of size.

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3. YSL Black Leather Studded Sac de Jour Baby

The next vintage handbag is quite unique. While there are other studded or perforated style handbags out there, Yves Saint Laurent has perfected the Sac de Jour purse line. If you prefer a tote-like shoulder bag to carry all your things, this could be the one for you. Complete with calfskin leather and interior slip pockets, this handbag will help you show that you mean business. Full of class, the studded Sac de Jour Baby handbag will definitely receive compliments. At ten inches in length and eight inches in width, you will be able to fit all the necessities to help get you through the day.

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4. Prada Yellow Saffiano Leather Double Tote Medium

Prada is a company known to make beauty products and handbags for the most sophisticated women. If you haven’t seen a bright yellow handbag during this current timeline, you will admire this one. As another vintage item, this Prada handbag will have you wondering why you’ve only seen this now. If you are someone who likes pastel colors, you will love this purse. From afar, the material doesn’t look like leather at all, but it is in fact authentic Saffiano Italian leather. Prada is currently still selling bags tote bags similar to this. However, you won’t be able to find the bright yellow color that was popularized. That’s what makes it one of the desired vintage handbags.  

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5. Christian Dior Blue Satin Crystal Lady Dior Mini

Being the most expensive on this list, there is no question as to why it is vintage. Christian Dior products are known for makeup, handbags, and clothing items. This Lady Dior lineup for a vintage handbag, has been re-created in lambskin and calfskin for those who would love to keep coming back to it. Much like the Prada Yellow, the Lady Dior Mini in Blue Satin Crystal kept the trend of pastel or light-colored handbags going. What has others wanting the Lady Dior is its pattern and color selection. Since then, the blue satin color has been limited and ultimately hard to find. With such a small purse, you can only fit the absolutely necessary items.

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Do you prefer vintage or would you buy the newly designed handbags? Comment down below!

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